Published 2024-07-05
This is our reaction to Kendrick Lamar not like us music video drake diss
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All Comments (21)
  • @SpicyScrutiny
    bro they were debating about watermelon for a minute straight i love these guys so much
  • @alanrocks1458
    “I got a team full of Reggie Millers” is a crazy ass line🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • @AmberSweetPea
    NO YOU DID NOT SAY UMBILICAL CORD!!!! Nooooo way!! 🤣🤣😭
  • @Pianoflock999
    That last scene is powerful asf . The owl is free in it's perspective but in Kendrick's perspective it's locked up ...
  • @BranBranXO
    These 2 are so unserious 😂😂😂! I’m howlingggg at this Krump battle 😂😂😂
  • @KrioeLrin
    These two guys still exude the same intensity after all these years. I'm available for it.
  • @OrnaSwanson
    8:09 NAHHH B Lou explaining something to zias is crazy character development.
  • @ZariDV
    I don't get the narrative some folks have about Kendrick "milking this" by putting out a music video. During this entire beef that man stayed silent, stayed offline, released his music and each drop was simple audio and a thumbnail. He kept is super lowkey. Meanwhile Drake was dropping a music video with a bunch of things in it to try to make that a part of the beef, he was posting online about it taunting Kendrick and he was spending his time sharing memes. Now that's not a bad thing if that's how he wanted to do things. But it's weird for fans to see his antics and cheer it on but Kendrick releasing 1 music video and doing 1 long overdue concert were only 5% of it addressed Drake is suddenly too much. Now each side has a music video for the beef and it's all even. Nothing to cry and complain about. If Drake wants to do a concert and play some of this records from the beef, that's his choice if he wants to do that. Clearly his fans think he won so they'll enjoy hearing his winning records.
  • @EliC09
    They shot some scenes in shipping containers (alluding to human trafficking). 17 pushups for a dude that likes them young. Kendrick looking down at the owl, symbolizing that Drake isn’t at his level (both lyrically and culturally). The owl (a predatory bird) getting locked up in a cage (symbolizing predators need to be locked up behind bars).
  • @pseudo4389
    Lou saying ‘umbilical cord’ got me crying laughing by myself in public LOL
  • @brinders7941
    The A Minor part has got to be the first time I've seen B Lou pickup on something before Zias haahaha
  • Look up the origin of the term "cake walk". Which is what he appears to be doing in the Atlanta verse. It was a competition where skaves dressed up like thier slavers & mocked them. The winner would get a "piece of cake". This dude has fuggin layers to his trolling 😂😂😂
  • 11:35 Zias utter disbelief in having to explain to B Lou what an umbilical cord is is killing me☠️☠️☠️
  • @rjenkin21
    “Oh he got an owl…. Don’t kill it Kendrick.” 😂😂😂