My 50 Cal Exploded...AGAIN !!! (Recreating My Accident)

Published 2022-02-16
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In today’s video we recreate my accident that occurred on April 9th,2021. I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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All Comments (21)
  • Thank you all for always supporting the channel! You all are the absolute BEST!!! ❤ I hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for watching!
  • @BrandonHerrera
    That’s wild man. Just another reminder of how much power we’re fooling around with when we play with .50’s
  • @space1358
    The mental strength on display is genuinely impressive. You've handled the entire thing incredibly well, pretty inspiring to be honest.
  • @rileynelson6447
    It was a freak accident, but it also shows the build quality of that Serbu .50 RM. to handle that much abuse over and over again and not fail until pushed past its limit, is amazing.
  • Don't think there are many people who'd try and recreate a circumstance that nearly ended their life. Massive respect
  • Scott toyed with death only to come back a year later just to spit in it’s face You’re such a brave guy Scott, revisiting the accident with a smile on your face, we all look up to you
  • @benporter6055
    I just rewatched this video 1 year after it was first released and noticed Scott said he was 100% safe behind a truck 150ft away from an exploding .50 cal behind a brick wall. In my personal experience with accidents that in theory shouldn't have happened, you are never 100% safe from anything. Glad to see you still trucking along Scott.
  • @delta34golf
    I mean, this is one way to really confront the trauma and answer the questions. Outstanding man. Put a Thumb in It.
  • @ericmaple1420
    What an animal, revisiting the event that almost killed him! God bless you Scott.
  • Just goes to show not only how freakish the accident was, but how RESILIENT you were to survive. I cannot state enough how much admiration I have not only for you, but for the partnership you and your Father have forged by sharing your content. In addition to vital firearms education (wrapped in an eggplant-splattered, humorous tortilla), you showcase what it means to not only live a life with those you love, but to LEAVE A LEGACY. Bully for you and your Pops. You are appreciated.
  • @n0n9001
    I’m so glad you’re okay. God bless you man.
  • @JohnnyVisaCard
    The fact that you needed to load a cartridge almost 4x hotter than a standard .50 BMG is a testament to the strength of the rifle, and just how bad that one SLAP round was
  • @quintsmith9709
    "They're just show muscles"... not a phrase I would use after surviving and recovering from what you did. Real life superhero in disguise, humble and always there when needed.
  • @mikepetrucha2774
    The fact that you were nervous about this test, even though you took many safety precautions, simply means you are not stupid! This was like gun CSI!
  • @brandonzawaski
    I watched your original video story last night with my wife and had to step out of the room and go to bed when you explained what the shirt meant. I was covered in tear hearing that. You are so lucky to be alive bro. Glad you got to replicate the accident to figure out what happened. Take care of yourself.
  • @rhettwest1890
    What scares me the most is that it’s likely there is more of this bad ammo floating around somewhere
  • @Condetg
    I admire your courage. Still doing what you do after the accident, being this positive, investigating on what happened. Really impressive man.
  • @CL053DC45K37
    I'm glad you're doing so much better now. This world needs you in Scott. Thank you for your content and for your amazing attitude and humor.