Writers Roundtable: Jordan Peele, Rian Johnson, Daniel Kwan, Tony Kushner & More | THR Roundtables

Published 2022-11-22
Chinonye Chukwu (Till), Daniel Kwan (Everything Everywhere All At Once), Jordan Peele (Nope), Martin McDonagh (The Banshees Of Inisherin), Rian Johnson (Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery), Tony Kushner (The Fabelmans) joined The Hollywood Reporter to talk about their respective projects.

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Writers Roundtable: Jordan Peele, Rian Johnson, Daniel Kwan, Tony Kushner & More | THR Roundtables

The Hollywood Reporter

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  • @StacyODell
    Jordan's reaction while Daniel is describing putting everything into the movie in case he doesn't get another chance to make another film is everything. As I write my first book I am feeling this with my soul.
  • @mauvepd
    my heart just swells seeing Daniel Kwan talking about his craft and inspiring the other veteran writers in the room, especially from a director duo with only a viral music video and one cult classic film to their belt before EEAAO. you can just tell that the Daniels' work and the atmosphere they create is full of heart, humanity and humility. and lots of fun.
  • @thesiiuu
    Daniel Kwan is just on a whole other level as far as intellect and enlightenment. Makes sense how he wrote such a bizarrely beautiful movie
  • Man watching Peele as Daniel Kwan explains "hat on a hat" is so great cuz that knowing smile of Peele's because "Key and Peele's" entire show run was like 99% amazing and brilliant "hat on a hat" sketches.
  • @JayFingers
    “The hand thing? Was that improv?”
    “Oh no, that’s just a Black thing.”
    Great round table. Loved hearing what these talented writers had to say. 🙏🏾
  • @elstcman5
    Bro, I'm 20 minutes in and this is the best roundtable roster I've ever seen. It's overwhelming how much overlap there is, not only with the films they're discussing, but the careers of everyone involved. Two prominent black writer/directors with distinct voices and opinions on the black body, two otherworldly distinguished playwrights, and then Rian johnson + Daniel Kwan whose films & styles contain echoes of Spielbergs career as an imagemaker (not to mention his heavy influence on Peele), and sitting right there is Kushner who literally wrote a movie about the genesis of Spielberg's imagemaking identity. McDonagh wrote a movie about what it means to create and how often, while Peele is contending with the very means of creative exploitation in his own film. This conversation is literally Everything Everywhere All At Once. There's so many reasons why this table is meant to be in one room.
  • @serendiggiity6506
    Hearing the passion Daniel Kwan has behind his art and the urgency and importance of his stories balanced with Jordan Peele's introspection and depth has been such a treat. This video introduced me to Chinonye Chukwu and I'm very pleased to hear her insights behind her film considering I personally didn't think the story should be told. I will now be watching with an open mind
  • @demo2080
    Martin McDonagh is such an underrated writer. 3 Billboards was incredible and the Banshees of Inisherin was such a great mix of humor, grief and loneliness.
  • @benjaminliang1998
    Man, I can listen to Jordan Peele talk about cinema for hours. What a legend.
  • @DavidPaskey
    Daniel Kwan is one of the kindest humans. To struggle with anxiety and push through to make such awe-inspiring film work... That is inspiring and moving.
  • @theRyanCho
    I worked on Everything Everywhere All At Once for 1 day during pre-production via location scouting with the Daniels, etc. (and was also at the company's office the next day). Daniel Kwan's sense of humor, etc. leaped on screen, great guy and conversationalist (during lunch, etc.). I also met Rian during the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery U.S. premiere, humble and very friendly person 👌.
  • @zzzbhdshjer
    These roundtables are so fulfilling in a way, I love when bright people have chemistry
  • @DevDinish
    As a writer myself this roundtable fills my heart with joy seeing the passion and respect between them all. I watch these often but this year's is amazing
  • @thesmileyeffect
    This series is one of the best things about awards season! Love hearing from so many different perspectives in the filmmaking process.
  • @noaheast7600
    What a privilege to listen to all these amazing creatives talk for an hour. That was incredibly enriching, and educational. Nothing has made me want to jump up and write and create in a long time like this did.
  • @GuineaPigEveryday
    This is one of the best talks yet, the friendly and constantly back-and-forth, engaged conversations between them flow really well. While ppl complain about the moderator in most actor talks, here thats really not a problem.
  • @jeaninearianne
    This was an amazing round table! I especially appreciated Daniel’s input to the whole conversation, very articulate but also funny, looking forward to witness more of the Daniels genius! EEAAO really deserves award recognition, it’s going to be a classic ❤️
  • @TitoJamesWriter
    I'm glad Phil Lord and Chris Miller were mentioned. We should have a roundtable of animation directors and writers because Animation is FILM!
  • @Gurdaur
    This has to be one of the best roundtables THR has done in recent years! Just brilliant! :D