I Built a Car out of Scooters

Published 2024-06-06

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  • @StevenHe
    “I build a scooter out of cars.” -next years video
  • @Dick_Mabutt
    Michael is legitimately like, one bad day away from becoming a real world supervillian. If bro ever turned there would be no stopping him
  • @magicfibre
    "I can weld the Sun to the sky" is such a fire line I can't believe it's there for literally one frame of the video
  • @hacksmith
    this is what peak youtube looks like. this is a perfect video
  • @markstoner7447
    “I own a truck with a light on it that basically makes me look like god in Los Angeles”😂😂
  • @alephnole7009
    The scooter company watching all 4 scooters on the map mysteriously moving in perfect sync with each other
  • bro i unironically found my passions, made at least 1 new friend, gymmed and finally started working on my dreams since Michael's last upload
  • @Resetium
    "But since I'm renting them and just strapping electronics to them, that makes this... LESS illegal."
  • @AstrelleEva
    "Two clamps from hope depot I welded together in my garage" is for some reason really hilarious 😂
  • When he took it out to open roads, i was like “won’t the police pull him over for not having a license plate” then I remembered these lime scooters do have plates, so he was actually driving with 4 license plates. Then I also remembered that this might not be the biggest concern of the police about this vehicle.
  • すしりくからきました💕 モノづくりすごい!器用〜 ぜひすしりくとコラボしてほしいです☺️🩷
  • @TheKz262
    Michael's basically reinventing the wheel in a one year format and somehow it's peak youtube to me
  • @giogio51592
    "Pimp My Wheelchair" ran so that "I Built a Car out of Scooters" could drunkenly limp
  • @Dizian
    Not getting sued, pulled over, or injured is gods absolute miracle
  • @ForgetableOne
    My favroite part about Micheal's videos is hearing the absolute elation in his voice when things work