Cavetown – Green [Official Music Video]

Published 2019-01-16
Watch the official music video for Green by Cavetown from the album Lemon Boy.
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I’m so stoked to finally share this incredible music video for my song “Green”!! Huge thanks to YouTube Music for the support and to everyone who's listened, watched, or supported in any way :^)
I'm so lucky to have been able to work with such a super talented crew to bring this concept to life. I'm immensely proud of them for what they've managed to achieve in just 12 weeks, and all the hard work sure paid off. Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU... :')
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Cavetown is an indie pop artist renowned for his hits “Lemon Boy,” “Boys Will Be Bugs,” “Home,” “Sharpener,” “Green,” “Hug All Ur Friends,” and “Pigeon.” He worked with artists like Chloe Moriondo, MyKey, and Tessa Violet — amassing millions of streams and commanding crowds at international festival lineups.

This is erosion, grinding up rocks with your molars
A big fish swims past your rod
You can't catch it it's far too fast
Deep hook marks in rubber lips
I see your eyes in the flowers
I'll pick a bunch for your room
Green and blue to match your pictures

You looked so good in green, I hope you're well
And you look so good with him, and I'm proud of you still
I miss your perfect teeth, I was too blunt
I hope you feel happy, that's all I want
That's all I want

Mess in the kitchen, I was so disappointed
I guess I got to my head
And I was too young to understand it
I get it now that it's too late
I never stopped feeling guilty
I'm over it, I promise that
I just gotta sing it out of me

You looked so good in Green, I hope you're well
And you look so good with him, and I'm proud of you still
Take care of my shirt, warm and red
I hope you think of me still as your friend
I hope you love yourself, your body and heart
I hope you feel happy, that's all I want
That's all I want

Directed By: Guy Larsen -
Co-Directed By: Taha Khan -
Story & Concept By: Taha Khan
Produced By: Cambria Bailey-Jones - / Taha Khan / Sammy Paul -
Director of Photography: Ciaran O'Brien -
Art Director: Maddy Vian -
Assistant Art Director: Louis Grant -
Art Department:
Jenna Bailey-Jones -
Hattie Clark -
Chloë Dungate -
Ruby Hagemeier -
Daniel J. Layton -
Jamie Jo -
Cliona Malin -
Conor Travers -
Production Assistant: Ed Cutcher
Lead Animator: Guy Larsen
Animator: Taha Khan
Colourist: Ciaran O'Brien
Visual Effects:
David Post -
Dave Brain -
Michael Dean -
Mishaal Memon -
Visual Effects Consultant: Ben Kwok
Digital Assets: Maddy Vian
Executive Producers: Robin Skinner / Zack Zarrillo
Special Thanks to Jamie Macleod, Hannah Witton, Rowan Ellis, Leena Normington, Craig Simmonds
A Penny4 Production |

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  • TheAMaazing
    This was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The stop motion compliments the music so freaking well and the twist just hits you perfectly in the feels.

    Fantastic work Robbie, Taha and everybody else in the crew. Well worth the wait ;)
  • Cloud 9 Lyrics
    Anyone just randomly find Cavetown one day and now he is your favorite artist?
  • flightless_bird
    -Why are you crying?
    -I'm cutting lemons.
    -Do you mean onions?
    -No. Lemons.
  • Ok, have I misunderstood the story on this for two years? Because I thought it was: Lime gives everything to lemon > lemon leaves when lime has nothing more > lime finds lemon's cork and is overcome with loss > lime slowly recovers and finds orange, who heals lime > lemon returns and decides to try and make amends, but is killed by the turtle in doing so > orange and lime mourn lemon.

    But I just noticed the turtle scene is shot like a flashback, making the story: Lime gives everything to lemon > lemon leaves when lime has nothing more > lime finds lemon's cork and is overcome with loss > lime slowly recovers and finds orange, who heals lime > it's revealed that when lemon left, they realised their mistake and tried to fill their jar, then died, making lime finding lemon's cork far more tragic > lemon returns but as a ghost, at which point we see what happened to them with the turtle > orange and lime mourn lemon.

    It doesn't quite make sense, because if the second version is true, how could lemon be following lime and stalking lime and orange? But the flashback at 2:47 shows the earlier scene when lemon left, but extended to show they changed their mind and went back; and also establishes that the cork falling out at 1:25 is because lemon died. So does lime know lemon died, hence carrying around their cork in mourning? Is lemon following lime a hallucination, is lemon a ghost at that point like later on?

    Seems stupid to overanalyse, but it's a beautiful song and video, and I don't know if I've simply got it wrong for two years or if it's very loose and open to interpretation. The different possibilities are so different, though - in one, lemon only tries to make amends after they see lime and orange together. In the other, lemon tried to make amends much earlier but died before being able to do so, leaving lime alone without knowing what lime tried to do until later. Which is even more goddamn heartbreaking.
  • Selina
    The saddest part is that lime didn’t even know that lemon was going to try to mend the relationship before lemon died.
  • neo
    Hey, you, yeah you reading this, you look great today, I’m proud of you, no matter how many times life has knocked you down, pushed you to rock bottom, made you scream until you couldn’t, made you cry till you passed out, you kept getting up and going. You’re taking this one step at a time and I’m proud of you for each step you take, recently life’s been hard, I feel like I’m losing my battle with my depression, if I do, I just want you to know how proud of you I am, you’ve made it so far, keep going, you got this, don’t give up now, maybe ask that special someone on a date, buy those things for a new hobby, text that person, spend time with your loved ones, and even if I’m not here for that, and even if you don’t know me, just know that no matter what, and no matter who, I am proud. The fact that you haven’t given up no matter how hard things have gotten, the fact that you’re here with me right now, reading this whole thing, means a lot, I’m proud, I’m so damn proud, keep going, you got this. I wish one day you fall in love with the idea of being alive. I love you, keep being great, here’s my discord if you wanna contact me

    ᴸᵃᵃʷⁿʸ@ (copy & paste or tell me your user and i can add you!)
    And if that’s not it I will update this as soon as possible, thank you for being here and being great, stay humble, stay great :)
  • Tessa Violet
    this is so beautiful and sad. I love it so much
  • this song reminds me of my old friend who moved away years ago. we were friends for a long time and we fantasized about one day being vets together at our future animal hospital "pet palace". we were so childlike and when we were together i had no worries at all. we were so close. we had imaginary pets hers was a cat named spark and i had a dog named scout. she was just so warm and kind. then in the 3rd grade (yeah we were lil kids) she told me she was moving away to texas. i figured we were playing make believe and so i put my little hand to my ear and said "my mom called! i am too!" her eyes turned darker. she said "no....maisie. im not kidding." the expression on my faced changed. i remember walking to class, crying.

    a few months later it was the last day of school. she would be moving that summer and it was the last time i would see her (and i still havent to this day) i got to my stop and i gave her a big hug. i remember feeling her tear fall on my shoulder and i bet mine did too. my mom awaited me outside the door and i said to her "i have to go. im so sorry." i turned to the door and i didn't look back. god, i wish i had looked back. my mom was comforting me and i was still crying. my best friend gone. and i dont think she realizes how much i care about her. i miss you veronica. (god im sorry im so sensitive my computer is wet with tears)
  • Jude Dylan
    Well, I didn’t think I’d be crying about a lemon at 2am today, but here we are
  • I dont want to eat limes, lemons and oranges anymore and for some reason I hate turtles/tortoises now.
  • loxidane
    I wish that everyone in the whole world could see the genius behind your art. The way you convey ideas and emotions through your art is so rare, there is really no one like you. You are truly incredible.
  • Ms.BraveHeart
    This turns the whole meaning of "when life gives you lemons"
    Now its
    "When lemons are given life"
  • mollie lovett
    “and you look so good with him...”

    I asked my friend (girl) out last year, I got ridiculed and constantly made fun of. Now she has moved on and has a boyfriend, and I’m proud of her. Last night I had a full on mental breakdown, listening to this song, just wishing she would still be my friend. It’s so hard when all you can think of is how much you love someone, when they don’t love you back.

    To the person reading this, I hope you get over them soon, as I still haven’t. I promise it will get better, just keep going. Life is hard, but you have to cherish every moment, you only get one life. Stay strong, I love you 💕
  • ur hallucination
    this song rlly reminds me of my grandma. she's literally my everything, and her favorite color was green. she was my only safe place, she protected me from any harm and now I feel bad not being able to express how thankful and how much I love her just bcus Im not good in expressing my emotions. I was seriously in Gr3 back then when she left and now I'm in Gr10 and I still regret not telling her how much she means to me.
  • Someone
    My relationship with my ex was extremely draining. All I did was give and give.
    I miss talking to him and hearing his voice. But I'm glad it's over. The sadness and the hurt was unbearable. It's almost been 2 years since we broke up and I'm so proud of my progress. I've healed so much.
    It's a pain in the butt at first, but I promise everyday it gets better ❤️
  • GŁØX
    Lemon boi didn’t even get a chance to express- I’m crying rn but that’s okay.
  • g0haku
    Esta canción me da mucha nostalgia, conocí a la persona que mas he amado con esta canción, la escucho siempre y me acuerdo de el. aunque ya no hablemos esta siempre será su canción.
  • mia lopez
    1 year later and this music video still makes me bawl my eyes out