Race Highlights | 2024 Chinese Grand Prix

Published 2024-04-21

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  • @paddynhat1311
    Aston Martin's driver line-up truly is the combination of the G.O.A.T and a goat.
  • @yusepbcn
    Kudos To Aston Martin for trying to win the constructors championship with just 1 driver. that's REAL confidence.
  • @Rethroned0
    just a reminder that alonso is 42 YEARS OLD, and hes still keeping up with the new generation, this shows how goated this guy is
  • @redxracing90
    Aston Martin is truly a progressive team. Having the oldest driver on the grid and having the first blind driver. Amazing.
  • @drunkenhobo5039
    Ricciardo: "Boy, I really am enjoying this new chassis. Been faster than my teammate all weekend. Sure hope nothing causes massive damage to it. Hey, what's that large green blob in my mirrors?"
  • @user-ki3ih1lg2i
    Alonso is undoubtedly the most exciting driver on the grid. Masterclass performance. At 42 years old, he looks like he's having the time of his life and taking us all on the ride.
  • Fernando Alonso is literally the best driver on the grid with max together. I don't understand why big teams don't want him.
  • @peniku8
    Alonso fighting for the lead and his team mate fighting for last place. Amazing!
  • @PPedroFernandes
    Did Redbull just do 2 consecutive double stacks, with time of 2.1, 2.0, 1.9 and 2.0? Holy, those mechanics were on something
  • @IsmaGF85
    Alonso's biggest success as a driver is convincing everyone that, had it not been for his lack of luck when picking up teams, he should be seen as the GOAT. What a driver, just mental that save.
  • @MusicFan4848
    Today is my birthday, and seeing Alonso put on such a great drive today is a great present! Thanks Fernando!
  • @fidorover
    Fernando instantly turned that steering wheel 180 degrees to save that car, and it was the exact, perfect amount of correction. Just another superhuman move from a 42-year-old legend.
  • @ReefzYT
    Alonso deserved Driver of the Day for that one. Great move at the start of the race, and look how long he managed to make those Softs last! He was making moves right up until the last lap. Great show.
  • @alexsamain812
    Max is like Sascha Baron Cohen in "Talledega Nights" driving in first, sipping tea, and catching up on his reading.
  • @Liedaho
    F1, the world's greatest race for 2nd place.
  • @CarbongoldR6
    RedBull just casually double stacked with a 1.9 and 2.0 pitstop insane
  • @abumusa1028
    Perfect example of how Stroll taking a stroll. Fernando is 🔥
  • @user-de9vq9yv6i
    FERNANDO is the most entertainment driver on the grid...he the real honey badger😅😅😅