Alaska - Promises Fulfilled Movie | Camping, Wildlife Encounters, Exploring, and Unexpected Moments

Published 2023-09-05
As a way to celebrate the one year anniversary since our travels in Alaska, I’m happy to present our first ever feature length movie Alaska - Promises Fulfilled. Back in early September 2022, my mother (camp chef mom) and I took on a two week expedition to The Last Frontier where we explored the vast and incredible Alaskan landscapes from the Kenai Peninsula to Atigun Pass. We experienced all weather elements from snow, sun, and rain and witnessed wildlife never seen before in person. I invite you to ride along in commemorating our adventure while also hoping to provide inspiration to explore Alaska in your own future travels.

A big thank you to Craig and Brook from Alaska Overlander in helping provide two turn key vehicles making our time in Alaska all the more easier with their exceptional service and dedication in ensuring everyone has a positive experience when visiting. Be sure to check out Alaska Overlander should your next trip take you to far north country!

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  • All my life I have wanted to go to Alaska. Since I am now 71, I don't think I will make it there, but through people like you I get to experience the beauty of it. I wish your Dad had gotten to go, but I am sure he was there in spirit. God bless. 💜
  • I'm so fortunate to have great friends living in AK and have been there twice, Anchorage to Homer mostly, with Seward, Soldotna, Anchor Point in between. I was at many of the places in your film. Next not miss Homer and the Homer Spit, many hiking trails and so much to enjoy.
  • @shaynelhta
    As an Alaskan, I'm glad the trip was good for you. I'm also glad to see your video was not a marketing video like so many other "overland" channels. Overlanding doesn't really exist in Alaska the same as lower 48.
  • Spent my 44 years fishing and camping with my father. On June 20th this year I lost him unexpectedly. My parents finally made it to Alaska on a trip they never thought would come but it did. This video from start to finish not only made me emotional but allowed me to speak to him. I can truly say I know the pain you feel but I only hope to have the joy of going to a place his heart was in. Thank you for this!
  • I'm not going to lie, the first 5 minutes of this video had me choked up, listening to you talk about your father, something got in my eyes, probably just dust........
  • May God help me land into this area .. in my lifetime I have wished to see all those wonders , scenic beauty of the landscapes , walking in snow, experiencing nature walk and good forest
  • @Robot007
    Hi Michael and Mom, my wife dreams of Alaska and I dream of she can fulfill that dream, I am not able to drive much. So I hope we could visit Alaska via Cruise ship. Your video gave us a glimpse of the gorgeous scenery. Thank you. Your Dad must be so happy you fulfilled his dream. What a joy! Congratulations!!! God bless you both.
  • @fredrambo3016
    I lived in alaska 8 years it made me who i am today ... One crazy s.o.b. it was amazing and tuff ... No regrets
  • @venetiakelley
    Thank you for showing us your nightly routine of downloading what you’ve shot, across camera, drone, tablet, cellphone and such, some picture editing, organizing from all devices-by device and day into a file, on your computer, and backup on hard drive. End of trip, back home put into editing software. With all the organizing, it makes it easier. Kudos
  • @jennyhackenberg
    The beauty of alaska is awesome. I used to love to walk the trails of state parks but with a very bad knee i am limited on what i can do but you inspred me to try something different. Life is too short not to enjoy it. Thank you for sharing and i am sure you dad watched you the whole entire time. Your mom is an angel herself. She never left fear of trying something new keep her from experiencing the beauty. God bless you and your mom and thank you again.
  • Thank you making this movie of a journey to touch what your dad wanted to see...your dad was with you, and your mom was in heaven, as she had such a calm in the mountains with you. You did a marvelous job in editing from your drone, and all your filming into a beautiful movie of where I live in Alaska. I live northwest west of Tok near Tanacross, ner the foothills of Mount Neuberger, a mile high mountain with my german shepherd in a 2 story log home. The colors of fall is my favorite time of year, and you capture the exact reason why I live here. Thank you for sharing your movie here on youtube, for there are those who cannot come here because of health or other reasons. But for those who can make it here, may God Bless you for this is His land, the land of beauty and serenity of your sole, so come up here and witness the incredible life of nature t its best!
  • @venetiakelley
    Thank you camp chef mom for cleaning up the campsite trash of others left there 👏🏽
  • I loved Alaska when I lived there. I could watch you explore Alaska for days. I would rather be a part of it.
    We all Go through Life a little sad sometimes alot Sad but the Happy Pockets we experience make a world of difference ❤
  • @Thomas-fr1sp
    I bet one day spent in the beautiful Alaskan country side would be a life changing experience. So so much natural beauty and awe inspiring scenery ❤
  • @gunman-6646
    Just watched this movie. What a fantastic tribute for your dad! What a wonderful trip for you and your mom! You know your dad was with you. Thanks for the trip!