Published 2019-10-23
Today we use a NEW troll strategy in and go for the #1 spot!
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All Comments (21)
  • Jon Burchett
    I have been watching this man for like half a decade and I am so proud of how much this channel has evolved
  • Master LGI
    Ssundee, to do the actual ram class, you need to skip/ignore the first upgrade at level 15, then at level 30 you can become a smasher, these are tanks specialised into ramming
  • Tailugon
    Just gonna say this, each tank has its own base stats as well so take that into account. A strat I always experiment with different tanks is max reload, penetration, and damage, then -1 from max on max health and body damage.
  • Liam Johnson
    yo ssundee i love your vids. keep up the good work!
  • J T
    That was epic. One day I wanna play this game now, you make it look fun ssundee.
  • Nolan Harris
    I like his work and effort that he puts in to the games he plays
  • T-Broli
    This is great, ssundee is doing what he "should" be doing. Playing multiple different games and making everyone happy with his funniness.
  • John Cox
    This dude can make a single tank sound very useful
  • IketheKing ITK
    THANK YOU SSUNDEE ive been watching forever and i watch you when im feeling down and having a bad day and whenever I watch I immediately feel better thank you Ssundee for literally just being you :)
  • Timo
    Thank you SSundee for this strong build. I subbed and liked, I will try it out right now and try to get number one on leaderboard hehe. You can see the clip by asking the link.
  • ZabbyAce
    I love your vids! Your so funny and super smart, especially breaking games and finding strategies
  • Ssundee I don't know if you know this but the 4 rear barrels' bullets deal 75% less damage than the 1 front barrel, they deal the same damage as the front one. The "Booster" is a tank build or a glass cannon build for ramming or medium range sniping. It's not really OP because a skilled player with the "Ranger" can just obliterate the tank or glass cannon booster.
  • tunafish
    Booster is also used for the same use as smasher, due to the recoil because of the 4 guns at back.
  • gavin rockett
    You know... I think that the build is nice, but I would modify it so that it had health regen or at least more health so that you wouldn't need to stop and stay still so often.
  • Kunding143
    Next you should try the factory. It shoots out little mini tanks that also shoot

    Edit: make sure you upgrade overseer
  • 44hd
    Did you know if you reach Level 30 with the base tank you will be smashing the enemies out of your way to number one.
  • Georgia
    Watching this, as a decent player, kind of hurts me, yet he has got the main strategies down. Good job Ssundee.
  • Ori Ab
    Try out the smasher class next also if you hold down on y it shows all the upgrade sequences... smasher is only unlocked at level 30 meaning you canโ€™t upgrade at 15 but you can later in upgrade to something new at 45 please check out the smasher classs