Ubisoft Revealed The Darkest Assassins Creed Ever

Published 2023-05-07
Ubisoft is working on a completely different style of Assassin's Creed. That is an exact quote from Ubisoft themselves after they revealed Assassin's Creed Codename Hexe. Officially we do only have a reveal trailer and small bits of info but when we dive into the leaks and speculations, this could be massive. here is everything you need to know about Assassin's Creed Hexe

Ubisoft Revealed The Darkest Assassins Creed Ever
Everything We Know About Assassins Creed Hexe

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All Comments (21)
  • @peters8512
    Hexe is literally German for witch, so I would assume it will be set in Germany since it has a German title. Also, I'm going to stab in the dark and guess it will involve The Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches) by German Catholic clergyman Heinrich Kramer and published in 1486 in Germany. One of the most evil books ever published, as it led directly to the torture and death of countless women.
  • @wealthaddict8800
    Hexe sounds fun! Especially the setting if it takes place during the witch trials. Maybe there will be some kind of Isu magical item in play? I honestly believe that Hexe may focus more on stealth since if you're character is someone that's potentially going to be accused as being a witch then they are going to want to stay away from the prying eyes of authority.
  • @CxerRy96
    I think it could be an incredible dark, gritty, more mature AC experience on top of the incredibly easy tie-in of religion, templars, and assassins
  • @padilla2828
    I feel like the branching dialogue would be interesting for Hexe given the theories of trials and whatnot, I feel like it could work decently well in that scenario
  • It would make sense for the persecutors of the witch trials to be templars/order of the ancients and for the trials to be their attempt to snuff out their opposition and advance their goals. I 100% would love to see a darker side of assassins creed and would love to see individual games differentiate themselves as you described. I just am wondering what if assassins creed infinity will just be something like Ubisoft connect or if it is where you have to access the games themselves.
  • @walkerbarry8541
    In my opinion, the issue that I personally have had with the past few entries is the straying away from the core of what drawn us to the series back with the first AC which was the story and the environment. I’m not ultimately against the introduction of RPG elements but I felt like they leaned into it too much and have prioritized it along with good looking environments vs having a solid story and an environment we can really move through with fun. I don’t personally like the last few games because there isn’t big cities that you can move through freely and have fun, if they tried to improve upon the movement system from unity then put us in a place where we can utilize it while implementing the rpg mechanics and having a story that really fits the assassin story then it’d be perfect. I don’t knock Ubisoft for what they’re doing because people are still buying the games but I do wish they would try to make something that is more cohesive with the foundations they built if that makes sense
  • @thatsaweirdone
    I think Hexe will be the mythology-based, magic powers AC game. They say they are breaking down the series and make multiple games for different types of people. Red is the RPG, Mirage is the Classic, so I think Hexe can be the magical one.
  • @mrmwest09
    I’ve enjoyed a few of the past assassins creed games like Black Flag, Origins,and Syndicate. I thought they’re next big release was going to be Mirage. They usually have a good story mode and plenty of good side activity missions. I’ve always thought the fighting mechanics could be much better. This sounds like a good title that I will definitely check it out whenever it becomes available.
  • @YorikoRayne
    Okay now this is going to be interesting. Been a fan of Assassins Creed since the first game. This, is going to be epic. Love the history behind the games. Extremely interested on how they do Hexe.
  • I completely agree with what this guy is saying tbh. I genuinely believe that we are gonna get some sweet games from Ubisoft especially shown through Assassins creed. They are going through this phase where they are making a lot of changes and listening to what the people want more instead of giving into investor pressure. Genuinely keen for these games.
  • I honestly see them utilising the theme of a secret coven of witches as a type of assassins creed. The main character could form a secret network of witches around Europe and use their powers combined in a more stealthy manner. I also see this title being more of an open world game that takes place over many different cities and towns across Europe where the different witch trials occurred which could really be a cool idea if they just use it right. I hope Ubisoft take their time with this because Witchcraft games can be really exciting and never before seen and can offer a true stealthy assassin experience
  • I'm sorry, but quick correction, the title is "Hexe"(Hex-E), a German word meaning "witch". A Hex is a protection sigil/spell.
  • @exterminator122
    My theory is that it'll be a horror themed AC where you are neither a templar, an assassin or some sort of Isu related guy, you'll be a random person that accidently finds an Isu artifact and suddenly everyone is hunting you down for being a witch. And I do hope codename red lets you be a badass katana warrior. Not just stealthing around.
  • @dumpywhite
    The infinity hub sounds interesting. It'd be interesting if it is a large, ever expanding library of all AC titles, like entering the animus and choosing what assassin story you want to experience. It could give us the timeline of each game. So basically an AC launcher to allow all AC games to be accessible from one place. Maybe give us the ability to not just play the games in chronological order in regards to the assassin; but also chronologically in regards to the world outside the animus.
  • @haeschensk8er
    This got me very intrigued. I hope they find a good balance between historic reality and mysticism.
    And hopefully the don't shy away from making it actually dark and gory!
  • @NickSibz
    I'm honestly excited for all 3 titles. Been playing Creed for..man, 10+ years obviously now. I loved Odyssey but prob due to my insane Greek mythology fascination but the new direction theyre taking, here for it.
  • @noone6787
    This one is the one I’m looking forward to the most. I wanted an assassins creed set during the Salem witch trials but this is close enough. My guess is that the pieces of Eden are responsible for the paranoia as the normal person would probably think they are devilish or evil 😅
  • @Bee_Mavrick
    The brotherhood puzzles where you had to use eagle vision to see a portal and then some crazy riddle where you had to decode a message, those were good
  • @Azelethros_OG
    Hex reallys gets me tingly. I'm hoping for almost like a survival horror like game, since they said it's going to be pretty different. I just hope that it still carries some Open World RPG elements to. I look forward to Mirage, but I've also been a huge fan of their open world titles as well, especially since open world games are more my thing. I love having loads and loads of stuff to do and make the game essentially 3 times longer. It give me more satisfaction and sense of achievement, where as the older types of AC games kinda feel like run'n'gun type of games lol. Not fdogging on the older games coz they are magnificent, I just tend to love open world games more.
  • @charlie8773
    The game was fun and I was completely happy with the story. I don’t see how they said the game was Grindy? I loved all the side quests. I understand the differences between Valhalla and the other previous games. You can play stealth if you want. The game gave you many options to develop your character. So this wasn’t most people’s cup of tea but for some it was great. I being 49 years of age and enjoy all things Norse I loved the details they put in to give it a historical feel. That’s my take. Enjoy it or not like most things in life.