Government Breaks Silence: Strange Encounters | UFO's Investigating the Unknown

Published 2024-04-26
In 2015 Navy pilots report having strange encounters with UFOs that have no wings, no cockpit, no exhaust, but somehow can fly with great agility.

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About UFOs: Investigating the Unknown
In 2021, the US government passed legislation mandating an official investigation into UFOs. This provocative series unspools the history leading up to this momentous change and reports on recent developments. It explores what the government made public versus what was kept hidden; citizens' push for transparency while confronting mass UFO sightings; Navy pilots' reports of unexplainable technology; new cutting-edge scientific efforts; and what the future might hold for this confounding mystery which is the focus of a deepening and expanding search for answers.

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Government Breaks Silence: Strange Encounters | UFO's Investigating the Unknown
   • Government Breaks Silence: Strange En...  

National Geographic

All Comments (21)
  • @nooodles939
    My wife witnessed The Phoenix Lights in 1997. Nobody can convince her that they don't exist, and that the lights were flares. She said the lights were attached to a MASSIVE craft moving silently for miles. I am beyond jealous she got to see them.
  • @lelandarcher4760
    I'm a gold miner working in the jungle of Guyana South America, where I've seen numerous crafts in the night sky, I don't think they are of human technology. 😮
  • I was 13 in 1997, about 10 of kids were playing street hockey with a few parents watch us. We all looked and saw a ship with many lights, moving so erratically, then flew over. All of us looked at each other just to confirm what we saw. That night on the news was a special report on people who saw the ufo. Im 38 now and will never forget that evening
  • @Jimboslice400
  • @ThatGuyInVegas
    The public has been ready to hear the facts on this topic for decades.
  • @MrStiffy
    The idea that we are alone in the universe is absolutely insane. With that said, it is even more amazing that we have first hand accounts from people who have encountered UFOs or aliens and we still continue to live our daily lives as if this is an unimportant fact.
  • @Ryan-gz9on
    As a person who's had encounters with UFOs in past im glad others are openly discussing this . An important topic.
  • As a kid (7yrs) I saw a fire in the sky. Agressively burning, no sound, no smoke, about 25yrd up. Then a square door closed over it and it was gone. Ridicule I got, no explanations. Anyway, it made me open minded. Happy to see more and more people open up about their strange advents. Great vid, thanks! Greetings from the Netherlands ✌, TW.
  • I had a personal encounter with a UFO one night when traveling back from a fishing trip to Daytona Beach. Not of the third kind but of observing a cylindrical object hovering over orange groves and pastureland in Florida when I was a teenager. The object was silent as it hovered and moved from over the grove to the pasture. I would guess that it was at least 200-300 ft long and came within about 50 yards from where I was standing at some point. I saw it, my friend saw it, the other drivers who had pulled over the side of the road saw it, and the Florida State Trooper who had also pulled over, standing next to me saw it. This was in 1974 so nobody was going to say anything to anybody because of the stigma. The encounter lasted about ten to fifteen minutes. The object went from hovering over the cow pasture straight up at an astonishing speed and then stopped and took off headed south into the night sky and was gone in about three seconds without a sound. The government was saying that just about all UFOs reported in Florida were "swamp gas" at the time. What a crock. Fast forward to the Gulf War when I was serving on a Navy ship in the Persian Gulf where I observed several UAPs visually and knew that we had tracked objects that could not be identified doing things that the laws of physics say they can't do. Where do they come from? I don't know but it isn't here I can tell you that.
  • @Evil0tto
    Me: "Oh, a UFO documentary? Hard pass. Wait... National Geographic? Suddenly intrigued."
  • @smooij3199
    “We are definitely not alone” — David Grusch 2023
  • Thank you National Geographic for publishing this kind of documentary. It helps!
  • We trust these pilots and four star generals with the safety of our country’s security, but if they see something new, we call em crazy all of a sudden.
  • @terryknorr5646
    I've been talking about Aliens since early childhood and am 75 now and I still know what my experiences have been and can't escape that knowledge.
  • @bigtexas7947
    The answer to "Are we alone?" will change our modern direction, history, and understanding of the universe more than anything we could fathom.
  • @foobietv
    I've witnessed two UFO's in my life so far. The first broke my fundamental phycological understanding of physics as I watched a gleaming reddish light unmoving in the middle of the night sky, suddenly shoots out into space in such an impossible way left me undeniably concluding that a unidentifiable phenomenon just occurred. To this day I have only faint ideas of what it was or could have been.
  • @rorybjorkman
    “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” ― Arthur C. Clarke
  • @griffith6621
    "our democracy is based on truth" already off to a bad start
  • @user-it1hc9nn8i
    In 1965 at Virden, IL I saw my first UFO when I was 12 years old. This was about the time that Virden had the nick name "UFO capital of the world". Prior to my sighting there were many other sightings going back to 1896 when a county sheriff and a friend happened upon some men working on an unfamiliar flying craft with whom they had a short conversation. SRM