Can’t B Broken (Extended)

Published 2024-02-11
Beyoncé can break the internet. But can she break Verizon?

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  • Like how you end a tour. Drop a movie. Then release another album! This woman is the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!
  • @cydrate
    They used Beyonce the best they could and it worked LOVING THISSSSS
  • @HmmIdontknow
    It is time to restart your Beyoncé savings account.
  • "I'm running for Beyoncé of the United States" had me in stitches😂😂😂😂And the sign above saying "BOTUS"💀💀
  • @LindaMitchell
    In the gamer chat, Ch0senOne wrote, "Blue taught her everything she knows." (0:43) Beyoncé knows the silliness her fans say online. 😂😂😂
  • @Writtenbytruth
    The fact that Beyonce could do things for attention but she’s a real artist who just drops her art and it breaks the internet. Beyonce is the internet at this point. 😂
  • @ryam
  • @amhxjr
    I ain’t never replayed a commercial so many times in my life 😫❤️
  • @CHarr1991
    Why do I keep watching this like it’s a tv show. They have great chemistry
  • @kiarasodivine
    They know Beyonce gonna get everyone talking! This was a chess move by Verizon!

    Best ad for the Super Bowl this year! ❤
  • @juanr681
    This was so much fun!!!! B IS BACK & I’M SLEEPING REAL GOOD TONIGHT
  • @Astrapionte
    Call of Duty gon have a Beyonce skin in a minute 😂😂. I love how sporadic this ad was!!
  • @Alecxxx123
    The red version of the Renaissance outfit is STUNNING
  • @ajbr1991
    When he said "Slayoncé" and she was like "gtfoh with that weird sh-" I think it's a nod to THAT interview 💀💀💀💀💀💀
  • @n.i.k.o__00
    this is her BEST commercial, might even be the best commercial EVER. Beyoncé, ur so iconic, I love you so much. such an incredible era of urs ❤
  • @jgreen71991
    Good to.see beyonce back doing commercials again it been a while loved this
  • @QueenZsWorld
    she is actually so entertaining on every level! 😂😂😂 this is GOOD! give the whole team a raise.