10 Most Powerful Dragons From House Of The Dragons & Game Of Thrones

Published 2022-11-02
Both shows feature a total of around 20 dragons, but we've narrowed it down to the 10 strongest by looking at both House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones. Try looking into them.

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  • Why so lot of people forget about Silverwing? She was a bit smaller than Vermithor, but larger than Dreamfyre while being younger, and she still was one of the largest Targaryen dragons
  • Azmaria Karol
    My favorite is Tessarion but I have huge admiration for Sunfyre, he survived and won multiple battles while still being badly injured and crossed the Blackwater on a half-torn wing to find his master, his strength for his age and tenacity were truly unmatched. Aegon's bond with his dragon Sunfyre is stronger than any other bond between a dragon and their rider.
  • kuppili vikram
    It is not about the size or experience of the dragon but it was the bond with the rider. Sunfyre the golden represented everything majestic about a dragon. burned and battered still flew to Dragonstone for Aegon, survived Meyls, flew with a half healed wing, fought and killed Grey Ghost, killed Moon Dancer, and delivered the killing blow to Rhaenyra
  • Sunfyre being one of the youngest Dragons of his time, several times younger than any Dragon in this top (except Daenerys Dragons) and the youngest Dragon to defeat another Dragon. Survived a battle with 3 dragons (two were much older than him, and Meleys was the strongest dragon of the Blacks, she may kill Vhagar in 1 vs 1 battle), which is an absolute record. Survived being wounded and unable to fly an attack by an army of soldiers on the ground. An absolute legend in the Dragon Dance. He died in peace being the last major dragon under Targaryen control. If he had been several times older, he would have been a death machine.
    It's too bad we barely got to see him in the first season of the series and because he's for the Greens, people treat him unfairly harshly. Poor golden boy😢
  • was das
    You forgot the most formidable 1. The Pink Dread!
  • Kiyan Hakim
    Caraxes is my favourite dragon by far. His Design is amazing and menacing , his character awesome and his feats incredible
  • Q-Rex
    When I read Fire and Blood I really liked Vermithor and during House of the Dragon I always wanted to see him. I'm glad they showed him in the last episode. If I was born a Targaryen in House of the Dragon I would choose the Bronze Fury.
  • Stylezz iR
    Vermithor is arguably one of the strongest dragons. Bigger in size yes, which does play a key role when considering speed and agility. Despite that he did hold his own against two of the fastest and very strong dragons and all three dragons had considerable great battle experience. Me being bias - I still think it should've been written that Vermithor killed both sea smoke as well as Tessarion. He does kill Sea smoke but soon dies because of his wounds he sustained from both sea smoke and tessaron. Despite all that. I do hope the writers of the show, actually put in the myth as it is stated in the book a myth, but hopefully silver wing tries to get Vermithor to fly once's more. I always loved that detail.
  • EscapeTheCity
    I think seasmoke has been my favorite color of dragon so far, but I would want silverwing, Meleys, or syrax as a mount. In that order.
    Silverwing would be great to have in battle, she should be massive compared to dreamfyre since she’s never spent a significant amount of time in the dragon pit, so her growth has never been limited. But still has enough in the air to flee if needed.
    Not only that but biggest advantage silverwing brings to the table is she can increase the number of mounts you have for dragon warfare. The idea would be her hatchlings would be for your children, but even Dany’s 2 riderless dragons joined her in battle without riders… maybe you could encourage riderless dragons to fly with your dragon.

    Meleys is my second choice bc her speed is a real advantage. Her size and power are great, but since she never laid any eggs I would rather have silverwing knowing that I could potentially hatch more dragons for my house.

    Syrax my third choice bc although she’s lazy and not the ideal mount to fly into battle, she lays a shit ton of eggs and is the main source of the blacks dragons. She could basically give you your own small army of dragons given enough time. That’s a pretty big advantage to have.
  • Balerion because he is Balerion. Granny Vhagar because she has the highest kill count, with the possible exception of Balerion. The Cannibal because he is the coolest. Caraxes because he is the most gangster dragon in all of Westeros. Those are my favorites.
  • Usi
    Balerion is gigantic lol. Hope we’ll get to see him one day
  • Ezra Klein
    Seasmoke is my favorite. Not too massive. Beautiful and strong
  • Victoria Petras
    Did anyone else notice how destructive Drogons fire is? Literally instantly obliterates everything…I wonder if that just an inconsistency in GoT but I haven’t really seen fire power as strong as his yet
  • Ace
    Vermithor the Bronze fury is my favorite. His history is so cool. If he was mounted by Daemon, he could have been a menace.
  • Thomas Valenzuela
    I have my doubts about Caraxes, Daemon is a great horseman (maybe the best), but aside from his sacrifice to stop Vhagar, Caraxes doesn't do much else (and he dies in that battle), while others on the list, like Sunfyre, they resisted much more things in their best moments
  • Silverwing should at least be on this list... she's the third largest dragon in the war, yes she is calm and friendly but I'm sure she'd dismantle smaller dragons listed here if she were to fight, other than that, good list, you're the most reliable unbiased channel who does these lists
  • Jakub Lizon
    WIght Viseryon is the top 3. He's definitely the fastest of all dragons, doesn't tire, and is under complete control of the rider, the NK. I imagine only valyrian steel could kill him. Dragon glass wouldn't penetrate his scales.
  • Thalmor Agent
    People are all of a sudden feeling the need to diss Vhagar even though her track record is far more impressive than just about any other Dragon. She tore Caraxes apart and would've taken out Meleys with or without Sunfyre there as well. She's big and old but she's not incapable.
  • Lethabo Sekwele
    Putting Vermithor above Vhagar is an interesting choice
  • Stormer JC
    I'm still trying to figure out how's danys dragons especially drogon got so big that fast, like drogon is only 8 but is in the same size category as dragons like caraxes and meleys who are in there 50s/60s and 70s, so what's up there they are way bigger then they should be for their age,

    my theory is that the Lord of light knew that the white walker invasion wasn't far away and was basically like "WE NEED DRAGONS AND WE NEED EM BIG NOW"