I Bought 1-Star Tools at Harbor Freight

Published 2024-05-19
I Bought 1-Star Tools at Harbor Freight

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  • “If you expect to spend $5 on the world’s most accurate tape measure. You’re an asshole.” 😂 I love that line
  • The reason Harbor Freight doesn't include blades with their lower quality saws is so they can charge less for the tool. I haven't been in the hobby long, but one thing I've heard time and time again is that every saw you buy comes with a garbage blade so I should just replace it right away. If that's the case, I'd rather they just didn't include the blade and save me some money.
  • @waderue
    Back when I was 25 years old I bought a small grinder from Harbor Freight and Now I am 55 and still works like it was brand new and it has the great grinder
  • @cjs_hobbies
    The drill does work better with a bigger battery. Also after some use the sparks get fewer once the brushes break in.
  • @ColeMacjewski
    I went to a trade school and the wood shop and metal shop teachers always said to start measuring on the 1in mark to avoid mistakes on cheap tape measures honestly probably some of the best advice ive ever been given😂
  • @6919wally
    I was told by my father in-law who is a 50 years retired custom fine furniture. When taking a measurement if you wanted to be the same you use the same measurement tape to measure both where and what you are cutting.
  • @Icantball67
    For those that don’t know. Even a flawed tape measure can be used effectively. Just use the same tape for a complete project and learn the difference if there is one between butting into something compared to hooking over something. Also any small table saw without a rack and pinion fence to keep the front and back square all the time is 1 star. Only because we can’t give a zero.
  • I own the Bauer planer. I have been using it for four years and it has never failed me. I have bought replacement blades for it and yes, they do make a difference. Once you have dialed it in. It works just as good as almost any planer out there on the market. Changing blades is very easy and it will plane down almost any wood. If it is bogging down a little, just make a shallower cut. I love this planer. I have absolutely no hesitation to use it on all my projects. Four years and still going strong.
  • @dbdaddio1
    I bought the 20v drill two years ago. I accepted what it was I was buying. I use it for drilling 1/4 " holes or less. And only use it for screws under 2" in length. As a back up/ companion to my DeWalt it works great
  • @G3N3515DM
    when people say they saw sparks and smelled smoke i assume they are referring to the fact that it is not a brushless motor, and they do not understand the difference
  • @dryadson
    With all the cheaper tools you have got now, you could make a video building some chairs or a table. 1 with reclaimed wood and pro tools other with nice wood with the cheaper tools.
  • @kz.irudimen
    Recommending spinning forstner bits that low is pretty normal, all the CMT bits I use also have super low recommended speeds. It's just to avoid heating up and to make the bits last longer. I'm sure if you look up what Fisch recommends it will be the same.
  • @jerrysanchez5453
    I was a contractor for a long time and the only problem Ive ever had from harbor freight was a texture sprayer and a compressor that they both just gave us a new one when we returned it. I love how people who don't know tools review tools
  • @1pcfred
    A 1 inch diameter bit turning 450 RPM is 118 surface feet per minute peripheral speed. Which is a fair speed for a bit to run. The harder material you're drilling the slower you should turn the tool. As you increase bit diameter peripheral speed increases too.
  • @JimSloan
    I've owned the Bauer drill (2 of them, actually) for several years now. I've used them building 2 sheds, 2 desks, remodeling of my 2 bathrooms, built a 600+ sq ft deck with them. They are still going strong at least 3 years later and they are regularly used.
  • First time I have ever written this on a YouTube video “ tripped running to the comments” to see if the team Sam comments would be on top , you guys didn’t fail ! TEAM SAM Apology ✋🏻🤚🏻
  • @Slane583
    I don't pay attention to a lot of 1 star reviews because 99% of the time they're over exaggerated and then instantly tell you to buy a Milwaukee or DeWalt as if they were the only choices available. I have an older model of Porter Cable drill I bought a few years ago that is brushed and it sparks just as much as the Bauer. Of course I no longer use since I've moved on to other drills but it's still there for backup. As far as really cheap bench top table saws go I wouldn't buy any of them regardless of brand. :)
  • @noahspanninga
    A tape measure only needs to be consistent with itself because it measures relative to its own markings. If you're the only one on a job site with the Pittsburgh brand, but other guys have brands like Dewalt, Stanley, and Milwaukee, this could be problematic. However, if you're responsible for both measuring and cutting, the tape measure's accuracy will suffice.
  • @TheCynicalJedi
    Shout out to Salad Fingers, slapped me in the face with weird nostalgia hahahahaha
  • @13BravoM109
    Hey, I just bought a wood chipper from Harbor Freight, and it's now my favorite tool in the garage! It was made in the U.S. instead of China like everything else, so maybe that's why it works so well! For $450 bucks, it's amazing!