Extended Race Highlights | 2021 Italian Grand Prix

Published 2022-01-09

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  • @rickstrolled970
    Please do more extended highlights for races this season, some of the races were truly amazing!
  • @nicozana5656
    Every season,we have an amazing Italian Grand Prix
    2018: Kimi vs Lewis
    2019: Leclerc winning in Monza with a Ferrari
    2020: Gasly wins with an Alpha Tauri
    2021: Max vs Lewis and McLaren winning again
  • The most incredible part of this race was that the Mclaren 1-2 was looking very possible even before the Hamilton + Verstappen crash!
  • @anuragamchi8116
    Red bull:- It wasn't really a super quick stop for Mclaren.
    Proceeds to make a 11s pitstop
  • @SuperItalia494
    What are the odds that Max’s pit stop and Lewis’ pit stop ultimately led to both of them running into each other? Never mind the actual contact they made but, both heading into the same corner side by side… Keeps me wondering still haha 😂
  • @Shem0424
    What a race! I was a huge Danny Ric fan ever since he and Vettel were team mates. 3 years really is worth the wait. Hoping for more wins in 2022!
  • @raymondo43
    I'm a huge Ricciardo fan. I've waited 3 years for this. I thought we'll never see Riccy Bobby on the top of the podium again.
  • @THMV33
    What a great defense from Norris against Hamilton 👌👌
  • @ardakaya6923
    This time it was really tough to pick the race of the year knowing that we had so many great races. Almost every race deserves extended highlights
  • I never thought Ricciardo would win in a team other than Red Bull! So this was amazing to watch!
  • @DannyAQ
    Almost every race deserved an extended highlight
  • I was incredibly happy that weekend as a Bottas fan and a McLaren fan!
  • @jlovo24
    we need an extended highlights for almost every race in the 2021 season! please and thank you!!
  • This race just sums up Gio's end to the season. Qualifies very well, crashes or has bad luck at the start of the race and drowns at the back of the field for the rest of it
  • @mranti9836
    “Daniel ricciardo has won 7 grand prixs,he knows what to do,he knows how to win this race”
    This commentary was Epic and spot on
  • @rainycity9703
    Fun Fact: McLaren is the only team to finish 1-2 in a race this season 🧡
  • @BrendanP
    Who doesn't love extended highlights?!
  • @nerdculture6521
    McLaren won pure pace i don't know why some people think it was gifted to them. Even if Max and Lewis didn't crash daniel and Lando had the pace to win or atleast get a podium.