Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

Published 2009-12-24

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  • @The_jazzman15
    This song aged like fine wine, because this is exactly how a modern “Stan” would act nowadays
  • @kek.556s
    Eminem is the only celebrity that I can say deserves every dollar he has made throughout his career. Grew up in a trailer park and now has a net worth of 230M and didn’t ask for shit all on his own.
  • @Yoda3000
    Eminem literally created the word “stan” with it’s current meaning
  • @Lockmac21
    Censoring an Eminem video is like leaving the meat out of a meat sandwich.
  • Every time someone likes this comment, I will come back to listen to this song again.
  • @helloworld12453
    The last part with Em writing back to Stan just sends shivers down my spine
  • @Jvxino
    R.I.P 'DJ Mark The 45 King' who produced this song, he died today on the 19th of October 2023. Let's thank him for producing one of Eminem's many masterpieces.
  • @rmejiarosales
    Me in 2010 not knowing the lyrics: oh this is an awesome song Me now: damn, this shit is deep
  • Who still remembered to come back and listen to this masterpiece in 2024?
  • His daughter just got married and we all seen the pictures.... We had to bring this man music to the front. ... He is a genius... Mockingbird is next on my list.
  • @Nativestyles
    I hate when people say, “We Stan this person.” Stan was an unstable obsessed fan!
  • This song has aged gracefully, capturing the essence of how a modern “Stan” would behave today. 🎵🍷
  • This. If anything. Represents Eminem and his music. You gotta listen to these songs to appreciate what we have now.
  • @jaysonrose2053
    Censoring Eminem is like ramen without the flavor packet
  • @carsonly7723
    If YouTube existed in 2000, this would have over billion views.