FaZe Rug Goes Shopping For Sneakers With CoolKicks

Published 2023-01-30
FaZe Rug Goes Shopping For Sneakers With CoolKicks

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All Comments (21)
  • @rug
    I love me some cool kicks 😍
  • @Ezmunny14
    “It’s not cringe” -Rug Great words of advice
  • @queenc8004
    Def an inspirational show! Y’all started from the bottom❤️❤️ much respect! Many blessings to the whole crew!
  • @BAPEdurag
    Rug is such a genuine dude. I admire the amount of love that he shows everybody. Hes always finding ways to give back to fans and people in general. Such a selfless human. You dont know me Rug but i love you for being the person that you are! This world needs more FaZe Rugs, literally 🤣🤪
  • @vimamba
    I love y’all man! Always giving back to us ❤️
  • @iLLuSioNsxo
    that kid just standing awkwardly in the back waiting for his shoe back 😂
  • This made me start liking fazerug for sure. Such a cool dude. And coolkicks with another banger as always. Weeks automatically complete because of the uploads. Much love
  • @masonleal7974
    Such inspirational people just doing what they love showing it all for their fans love both of yall and keep up the good work💪💪
  • @avvanit
    Love to what yall keep doing in the videos! Keep Up!
  • Y’all always dropping fire videos 🔥coolkicks and rami are what got me into shoe’s definitely legends in the making 💯
  • Love seeing Rug come through - I think you two are some of the top YouTubers who give back so when you come today, it’s even a bigger blessing to the community
  • everytime he slap the shoes i cant bruh😂😂😂 he has me dead everytime 😭😭😭
  • @Blakkberryz
    This was fun to just watch. It must have been even more fun to be there. Love Cool Kicks! 😃
  • @snoopie4538
    love the video every post much love here in the philippines ^^
  • @mstewart7098
    I commented on the last vid about the shoes but I just wanted to say love the content and keep up the grind
  • Keep it up the amazing work love seeing ya videos keep it going ❤️this is ya year for sure
  • @morisgarciaw
    I could never get tired of Fazerug. Hope to meet this guys one day. 👏🏼