||~Darkside~|| • GCMV • Bringing back old gacha songs 2/5 • 50 sub special!!

Published 2021-04-03

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  • has flashbacks to where the demon fell inlove with the angel but they’re not allowed to be together and the angel jumps to the other side aka the darkside and uh becomes a demon-
  • The memories thooo
    You really deserve more attention this is really amazing!!
  • This song gives so much nostalgia. Me and my girlfriend (ex girlfriend now) used to sing this together. We used to pretend to be a demon and an angel. That was two years ago. I miss her and still love her and this song reminds me of her.
  • @weepzo3874
    This was so good it brings back so many memories
  • I remember when my granny thought this song was talking about suicide when it says fall into the darkside 😂
  • @aris2689
    I love it!!!!
    Maybe some old gacha song you could do is GRRRLS, Say My Name, None of my Business, and Savage.
    But I really recommened the GRRRLS, it really will suit your style of gacha club :3
  • @lzi_wlf1959
    That was AMAZING!!! This needs so much more love than it has!!!
  • I've seen a lot of Gacha GLMV and this was by far the best I've seen. I love the way the storyline fit together! I need a part 2!!!
  • Broooo, that's so perfect--
    I love how you doesn't just bring back this old gacha song (that i love much btw), you made it with an amazing history, desing and editing, and the result is this perfect video! Girl, you're incrible!
    Now sub, you deserve it :)
  • The nostalgia, omg-

    I'm subscribing to you for this-

    Because this was just-

    A m a z i n g
  • @Reioloshi
    this motivated me to try bringing old gacha songs back as well