Hangxiety #shorts

Published 2022-09-21

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  • Zephyr
    This dude is too funny
  • PonPon
    “Oh no it’s cancer!!”
  • Doodle guy
    Anxiety: YOU FORGOT TO PEE
    Me: No. You made me pee. Just now. Cause you scared the PISS OUT OF ME
  • Shaun Mirk
    Never accuse ol'Charlie of being a one trick pony. He's got fresh material and new angles. The videos get me every time.
  • “All your friends are getting engaged and married, you’re the only one sleeping alone!” That hit too hard
  • NolanTheBug
    “Your gonna die alone in your cheddar cheese chucks” that’s a mood
  • Steve Smith
    OMG! So true!
    I have anxiety without the hangover and this is spot on. Worry about shit that happened in highschool 35 yrs ago! Yes!!! 😂🤣🤣😂🤣
  • This is the first time I’ve heard Charlie yell this much 🤣🤣🤣
  • Alex W.
    "You forgot to pee!" Was really the perfect cherry on top for this skit, lmao

    Damn, Charlie's killing it, we love to see it!
  • Jay A
    Love how Hanxiety is so intense, the glasses keep falling off 😂
    Also, had to watch this a few times as it's so fast
  • kk84 kk84
    Holy dang! So many times I’ve felt like this after a night out. now I have a name for it! The only thing you missed is the part of the hangover where you tell yourself your done drinking.
  • Randy L
    " I'm on my own journey.." Perfect!!! I'm afraid this is MY new catchphrase/tagline. His material is funny as anything, but it's his little subtleties, like the glasses falling off, and the wide-eyed looks, and the inflection of his voice. In these times we need more Charlies
  • Sarah
    Good god, this man is comic gold. One after another and they are all hits. 💯
  • Paige Herrin
    Dang… the truth of this short really kinda hurts…. “You forgot to pee”. I’m wounded.
  • jespernoren
    Hahaha this is my favourite one in a while! I need more of Hangxiety🎉🎉😂😂
  • MissSeaShell
    "fine I'm just gonna scroll Instagram until you go away" - the most relatable part of this fr
  • Hoyi D
    this short is so perfect
  • Eren Jaeger
    I’m literally having a hangover rn and this video gets recommended to me YouTube is watching my every step lmao 💀