How interviewers try to get you to slip up

Published 2022-06-02
Every single time man 😂😂 bro let's talk about my MUSIC

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  • soulassassin0g
    "So how do you feel about air?"

    "I mean, there's only one guy left that can bend it so you're better off asking him."
  • goodfellabeats
    This is a masterclass for anyone who got invited to be a guest on any podcast.
  • Stevey J
    This is like watching a political debate...where both politicians avoid directly answering anything
  • “What would you do if your dad was attracted to other males?”
    “I mean you get mail in a postbox.”
  • Nico Pootato
    The amount of mental footsie both sides are doing can be filled into a 12 episode anime, fille with flash backs on how sensei was canceled and how they followers sensei's teaching about answering the question by not doing so.
  • Brock Jensen
    “I mean you play baseball at a ball park…. How you gonna play inside? You might break a window”💀💀
  • OffThe Splat
    Absolute facts interviewers need any sort of dirt they can find😂
  • Angel Coolin
    “Imma take that silence for an answer”
    Alright we got em guys thank you guys for watching 🤣😂
    Whole interview was a set up 🤣
  • Jessica Guess
    I woulda said, "I ain't really know my father growing up." Whether it's true or not.
    Another great skit 😂
  • aurora kuwonu
    I keep coming back to this 😂 I love when they said
    “gender roles gonna do what gender roles do”. “you play baseball at a ballpark”, “how you gonna play inside? Might break a window”
  • This goes both ways. Sometimes It's important to stand up for what you believe in. I suppose you just have to pick your battles.
  • JJJ Love
    I love the clever diversions they came up with for the answers. Not a single question was answered 😂
  • Jonathan LaCroix
    Damn, bro really just switched up his questioning strategy 5 times to get someone cancelled for the sweet, sweet headline money.
  • The only thing keeping this video from being a Vlad TV interview is the lack of cutaways to previous interviews 😂
  • Shay Baby
    I was a HR manager for 20+yrs, I see no lies in this interview! With all these people getting exposed online and losing their jobs you'll definitely get asked these kinds of questions!
  • HappyStoryFamily
    The greatest level of support a person can give you is not giving a fuck about what you do if it doesnt effect them.

    Thats the vibe i get from RDC. 😊
  • Carmen Malon
    I LOVED every second of this! I'm happy that Dylan got to lead this! He was really in his element! 😂
  • "What whould you do if your father said he's attracted to other males?"
    "I whould be the one to go get milk"
  • Phanta 🧡
    “How you gon play inside you gon break the window?“ I almost died 😂
  • Jane Fuckerbutt
    the best answer to most questions is "the more the merrier" NOT ALL but most