Learn The Skill, Win $1,000

Published 2023-01-22

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  • There’s always perfect vids from Txns, let’s appreciate his content
  • Finn Desjardins
    This is crazy!! I love this type of content
    I need to be GFUELed out of my mind to even attempt half of these challenges
  • Nate:)
    Love the vids man. Hope to have a great new year for the content. ❤
  • No man
    Fishy needs some more love
    9:41 why he gotta freak out like that tho 💀😭😭
  • _AishiFamily_
    People say fishy would still have been there today
  • Nezukomei
    I thought we wouldn't have got through the double rocket ride 😂
  • Lynne Testo
    "Fishy literally just cheated to get to the next level" - Txns

    Txns literally cheating to get past the motorbike level
  • Kim Bookhagen
    I haven't watched in 2 years so much has changed even fishey did a face reavael
  • happy
    i miss fishy’s odd voice 😊
  • TheVoidGamerz
    Fishy feels so weird seeing his face wow he looks nice :ps yes I saw the face reveal
  • Mazen Amr
    Bro could've mantled at level 16 without telling fishy
  • bread
    imagine having to cheat against a child bro is such a cheapskate
  • Fishy did get it invis, he just edited it after and got its appearance back