I Survived 100 Days as a DIRT GOLEM in Minecraft

Published 2023-12-09
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►Episode - I Survived 100 Days as DIRT in Minecraft


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All Comments (21)
  • 100 Days as a Furnace, with you being hunted down by a group of Evil Snowmen who are trying to take over the world - with your heat being the only thing that can beat them
  • After all these years, we have them all
    Survive as tree,
    Survive as rock,
    Survive as dirt.
  • @Jorge25red
    I kind of wish that the hunters POV was posted on another channel or something, their reactions to stuff would be hilarious!
  • Loving all the new uploads! Thanks man, idk what it is about your videos, but you and your crew are so fun to watch after a long days work. Keep it up! You guys rock!
  • Does anyone else find it weird that he spent the whole video trying to get revenge for his dirt friends, yet one of his abilities was literally eating dirt? Isn't that basically cannibalism? Was he the monster this whole time? Yes.
    “Oh my totem pop didn’t… work at all, ok…” 😂😂😂 49:42
  • Here’s the tale of a cannibal dirt block who is angered by some villagers hunting its prey
  • one of these days, you're going to get an upgrade that hides your nameplate when you're in the form of a normal block, and its going to be the greatest thing ever. Because your name showing up kinda gives everything away
  • @xenivaszei9451
    First the rock, now the dirt, im excited to see whats next! Whenever i wake up to a ryguyrocky vid it’s instantly a good day
  • @18videowatcher41
    The lively dirt was such an adorable little man. I loved the flower on his head and how he was shaped like a piece of toast. 🤣
  • @LeoDaGuyYt
    this is a content farm AND IM HERE FOR IT
  • You have me inspired to start making vids. Much love and major props to you Ryguys! ❤🎉
  • @Wutursgt
    You can use diamonds and one netherack to duplacate the smithing templates
    try hiding in your destroyed bases after the hunters attack also when you loot bastions grab the gold carrots because they are the best food for saturation in the game and there’s tons in bastions also if you need podzol you can grow 4 spruce saplings and it spawns podzol and what if instead of doing a montage or a cut you have the hunters explain how they are going to take you down and their progress and reactions to their base being blown to bits also proximity chat mod so you can over hear the hunters and the hunters actually have to stick together another thing if you get another ability like devastating blow use something hard to break like obsidian I came up with these ideas and wanted to share them with you and others
  • I don't know if anyone has said this before, but you can actually get nametags from fishing. It saves you from having to find it in more difficult ways, so I hope this helps!
  • @pixelotilz
    I like how u aren’t role playing too much, but are role playing jsut enough for it to be interesting
  • @GamingAxolotl35
    a good idea is to have a base in a woodland mansion so they will never find it and the end portal once you have finished going to the end you come back into the overworld but instead of leaving, destroy the eyes of ender in the end portal frames
  • @maliqcrosby5102
    Hey Ryan just as a future tip u can actually make getting podzol a lot easier by taking 4 spruce saplings and placing them in a 2x2 square shape and bonemealing one until they grow into a mega spruce tree which will also spawn podzol on the ground