100 ONE COLOR Mystery Buttons! *only one lets you escape the box*

Published 2021-09-04

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  • Sherell Daniels
    I love it when maddie got that red sauce all over face without no time knowing!🤣
  • Elsie Goble
    brianna: points to her escape button and says 'nah its this one
  • Zhao Shun
    We're going to have so much fun every day because of Bree
  • Adalie Worrall
    I love your button vids, Brianna! I like how you are kind and unique.
  • Lyndsey Strait
    OH my gosh the was surprisingly intense LOL. The escape button on Maddie's box being on the outside and the adding more buttons to Brittany's box added some foul play elements to the challenge. Btw, who is Brittany?
  • Nina Collins
    Imagine brianna accidently giving her escape button to Brittany lol
  • gacha_frog🐸
    Be you! Bri when im sad I always think of you so I go onto ur channel and at the end of the day im smiling like none of the bad things in the world have happend🤗
  • Searra M
    I love it’s when Maddie said we are the power puff girls 😏👌
  • Allysa Chen
    "Be you" Y'all never fail to make me laugh
  • Adriana Alonso
    I love when Maddie got yogert all over her face🤣
  • “Be you” For real I cannot stop watching Bri’s 100 button challenge videos! Bro you are amazing!
  • Robert Clements
    I love when Maddie got that red sauce all over her face without no time knowing
  • Suzy Isbell
    Bri you bring me joy every day and I love you ❤💕 🐱🐱🐱🐰🐶
  • Alliya_thequeen
    I love how most of these types of videos someone ALMOST clicks the escape button but then changes their mind
  • Brightify
    Brianna Always Finds A Way Of Making Everyone's Day Better 🤩
    She's The Reason That I'm Uploading Videos On YouTube! She's My Inspiration 🖤
  • g pachecks
    Be you! Brianna you are the person that I look up to! You make me feel safe and your channels amazing!!One more time… BE YOU!!!