How to make a Carrot Puree #shorts | @Flavor4Dinner |

Published 2022-07-19
This is a great way to switch things up for your weeknight meals. The change in texture and the amazing color can provide more excitement to your plate and help you impress the ones you love ❤️
Remember presentation is key however; FLAVOR is the objective!


1 shallot (sliced)
2 garlic cloves (crushed)
4 large carrots (rounds)
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp chili flakes
2 cups chicken stock
2-3 springs fresh dill
Kitchen besties (S&P)

Use it with a weeknight dinner?

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  • Xsdkx85
    Thank you for ur information I’m learning how to cook and u teach me thank you 🙏
  • LottsOfLayers
    Woo-Wee, “Nothing But FLAVOR!!! 😮🤩👍🔥🔥🔥🎆
  • D-lean
    You make it look so easy and delicious! 👍💞
    Yummy I love carrots maybe that's why my eye sight is perfect at 50.
  • Cherie Lafleur
    ❤️ your channel! Thank you 🙏for all of the great recipes and techniques.
  • Michelle Freeman
    I love the sound of vegetables being cut, especially onions.
  • That Guy!
    Bro can you make some AL PASTOR for the brown brothas. Thank you sir.
  • Starrfish Hill
    You are so adorable
    Had to watch it twice after hearing your cute voice then I had to pay attention to the ingredients that looks really good
  • BigPolańsk
    Buddy’s wrecking shit with that knife
  • Brenda Jolley
    Love to watch your video shots, easy to follow and always looks great to eat!!
  • Mary David
    Your amazing! I'm a 70 yr old woman and at least 50 of those yrs loving my time' cooking. I'm learning something new every time I watch your videos.
    Dill weed is so underrated thanks for posting