INSANE Alaska King Salmon Fishing! (CATCH CLEAN COOK)

Published 2023-06-11

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  • @rayfairfax4330
    So cool to watch. Been 20 years since fishing those same exact holes. Took me back in time. Thanks!
  • @caddybeatz1893
    These Boys are Bless to have the opportunity to Fish a Great Land!
  • @mattphillips6578
    Love how u and Sam interact as brothers! Can tell u guys r good friends and truly care about each other.
  • @tadaosuwa1253
    Great video guys! Sam held out on you Jon. He was dipping his egg cluster into the juice before casting. Three really nice fish!
  • @roysaari3028
    The Slay master!!!! Awesome day…thanks for taking us with you guys!!!
  • @soccerfiend03
    Dethroning The King was such a great title for this video. The MinnDak boys rocked the house! The Alaska content is always fresh but you already know that. Cheers to an excellent summer!!
  • @davidg105
    Definetly NOT clickbait, that was really insane and had me at the edge of my seat till the end. Great job you guys! really exciting.
  • @seewhyem
    The King Salmon is def one of my favorite fish to catch. So rewarding.
  • @Skank_Hunt42
    Thumbs up for the jasmine rice!!! Respeck!!!!
  • @tommycornforth5150
    Now that's an Epic day of fishing! Congrats to Sam and you, I can't get enough of any of these videos! You guys Rock!
  • @user-fx2ro9yc7i
    Awesome job guys. Congrats on the kings! Excellent content!
  • @VAJIN679
    We are very excited and really like your creative ideas, made it enjoyable to watch and keep watching, hope you continue this great idea forever.
  • @jeffreylatham8890
    Guys great video and it's good to see brothers doing what you do as a team. Awesome job keep the videos coming.
  • @fredfloyd34
    We just live the little minnows you caught...Better luck next time...
  • @kvw.outdoors
    Keep bringing the vids! Lovin the AK vids! Grind never stops
  • @silentbob1236
    I just wanted you to know, I read the chronological order of your videos using your mullet progress. Getting pretty epic.