I Made A Game That Removes Your Free Will

Published 2024-02-10

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  • Man, even if Noah doesn't make a shadow realm, the players end up making one anyway.
  • The fact that Sophist barricaded himself into a good space and blocked everyone else from escaping in one turn is the funniest thing I have ever seen
  • @Vernias
    she up on my down till I went right on her left
  • I love how they all just forgot that Brent could have bought them a ladder to the shop. They were so hyperfixated on being unable to directly punish sophist, that they damned themselves to eternity in hell.
  • @hollowbox5723
    the Bad space corner is literally pure comedy and a total Party Crashers moment LMAOOOO
  • @detective5171
    I'm still waiting for noah to bring back the mimic detector
  • Noah's mimic detector needs to make a comeback!
  • @username5155
    I love how at thhe end no one considered Brent just buying a ladder and making a new path out of the corner.
  • @JugularJohn
    Sophist pulled up a thousand IQ play in the near end. And how poetic it is that Nick instead of choosing the option to potentially free them all and win, decided to cause their demise and proceeded to be last in the process 😭
  • @TheEastPort100
    The board didn’t have a Shadow Realm on it, so The Players just kinda made one themselves.
  • @DanishMicheal
    "I love creating hell for my friends" - Sophist 2024
  • @doubleking7070
    Noah’s transformation into a dictator is in full force.
  • The concept “restraining player freedom” taken to the absolute maximum and beyond.

    What a fair and balanced gameshow.
  • @Joseph_Drew_III
    Rule 1: Noah will spite random people for no reason.
    Rule 2: Sophist has a target on his back, and Vern’s the one who put it there.
  • @nostamors4705
    That combo was godly. Sophist's wall, Vernias's teleport and Brent's beartrap made Nick's life worse in eternal and miserable confinement. But it's even funnier that Nick was able to get Brent and Vernias trapped inside with him. Lastly, Sophist's wall sealed the deal from these three and even fits the theme of no freedom with Sophist willingly to become caged by his walls due to his cunning and ingenious strat. Finally having Noah declaring him to become the Winner. That was the best twist and theme.

    Had the best laugh with this video.
  • @hatman9609
    Brent: MC start of series, always failing
    Sophist: Villain, knows the game and how to exploit it, has no morals
    Nick: Rival, always hindering other people
    Vernias: MC's friend, who can actually fight back

    This season ends with Sophist winning and our protagonist have to have a training arc to prepare for the next season.