Minecraft, But The World Slowly GROWS (#2)

Published 2022-09-22
Today I played Minecraft in only One Chunk, BUT the World Slowly Grows. In this Minecraft Lets Play, The world GROWS every episode by an increasing amount. Today is episode 2, so the border expanded by 2 blocks in every direction!

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  • @WadZee
    I AM NOT RUNNING ANY GIVE AWAYS! BEWARE there are scammers in the comments impersonating me… THEY ARE NOT ME! REPORT THE ACCOUNTS AND DO NOT RESPOND!
  • @maanas_sehgal
    @Wadzee, when you get the 1st water source, use a bucket and place it on ground, from there you can take infinite water bottles and make a 2nd source of water in the cauldron, hope this is useful🙃
  • @YouTube
    these just get bigger and bigger.. literally 🔥
  • @eternal_isles
    having never built a mob farm, this makes me realize how useful they are
  • @gaminsco428
    I did not expect that farm to work this good💀
    Make a tutorial for it I think it'll be great.
  • @henko2882
    This is honestly refreshing. I'm really tired of huge build series. This takes it back to basics while still having an element that's challenging (the border). Loving it.
  • Long-term, if you go for as many advancements as possible, I'm curious about how many episodes it would take to get that all-biomes advancement. I feel like it would probably take the longest, even compared to things like all potion effects.
  • @randomguy1939
    can we just talk about wadzee creating a mob farm out of his mind with no water, but still is better than any mobfarm we build?
  • At this moment, I think you should switch all the food farms to farm potatoes. Potatoes can be cooked into baked potatoes with a campfire without consuming fuels and baked potatoes have the same hunger and saturation (5 hunger & 6 saturation). However, growing a potato crop will give you 2.71 potatoes on average, which is a net gain of 1.71 food; on the other hand, you need 3 wheats to craft a bread, so each wheat farm will only give you 0.33 bread, which is not even 1/5 of the potato farm
  • @monochrome754
    If only you had emeralds to trade with the wandering trader. You could have gotten fish buckets.
  • I genuinely love this series so far. It's so unique and refreshing
  • @TwistyTwix
    this series impresses me everytime, it's honestly insane how far you can get with so little space
  • @RecklessTech_
    Hey wadzee, use slabs instead of full blocks to save resources. It gonna add up with time. Hope this is helpful! Cheers on the series man, Good luck🤞
  • @r4vi4n
    That mob farm honestly deserves a tutorial video, they never work for me this well!
  • @DaNintendude
    Make sure the mob farm isn't blocking sky access to the cauldrons. If they are, maybe move them all and then use the glass bottles to transport the existing water.
  • Did you know you can make pretty efficient Mobfarms without water using mob-pathfinding mechanisms? They will try to pathfind to full blocks so if you build the rest of the farm out of stairs and slabs they will go to the middle I guess... I never tried it but I saw some other youtubers do exactly that, I bet there are some helpful tutorials on YouTube :)
  • @peeper9182
    He never disappoints with these series. I can’t wait for episode 3!
  • We gonna love the part where Wadzee said "It's Expandin Time" and expanded his borders across Minecraft. Truly a thing to witness in this era.
  • excited to see a new episode of this series! I already love the touch of the gradually expanding world - having it be incremental like how you've set it up makes it feel like a natural progression. really impressed with the creativity of your water-free mob farm too, and how you're always committed to making your builds look good!