The Closest Game of Swarm Ever (Back 4 Blood Swarm)

Published 2022-05-28
I am going home for memorial day weekend so the videos will be a little here and there until Thursday but after that hopefully i will be able to get back to an everyday upload

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  • Keithustus
    17:30 Festering? Without upgrading Horde? That means that among the 20 or so total zombies that spawn in the early horde, a few will be festering, a few will be blazing, etc. Evolution upgrades are very wasted if the overall horde size isn’t larger.

    25:05 lots of points, no Sneak Attack. Since Kill Frenzy is useless make sure to get that when you can.
  • Blossoming Fate
    16:29 "what am I getting hit by"

    if your talking about screen getting read boarder your Temp Health Decay took you into Critical Health I believe.
  • Without admin reload on shotgun builds it’s unplayable for me almost unless I sacrifice damage for reload speed
  • I see the fast bleed out from mom issue really hurts around 16:40, despise her as a teammate now.
  • grotesquenote2
    I think you need more relode speed for yoyr shotgun deck its to slow to shoot down tallboys
  • Mr. Ruckus
    have ya heard of the teasers for the june update? Also idea to make kill frenzy faster dmg tick rate on urchin mines