How to Customize A Wordpress Theme

Published 2016-03-09

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  • Laison Albarado
    Jim, I am using the same theme. I watched your video from beginning to end. I have a question. I am WP for a website and not a blog. I am trying to remove the archives widget. I have looked everywhere. I have deleted all posts and tags.I also went under "Appearance > Widgets" and looked to see if any widgets were in the sidebar. There were none. The only thing that I found is under "Post > Categories" was 1. It was Uncategorized with nothing in it. I have tried to delete several times but with no luck.

    Any ideas?????

  • Irole Uche
    Hello Jim, great work thanks. Please could you kindly oblige a heads up on "Header/Footer customisation of the theme.
  • Thank you for this tutorial, it was helpful. I have a question about the "Latest Blog" scrolling part...the posts have the comment options and author info do I turn that off?
  • Super Tutoriales
    Excelent video tutorial really help me to fix some issues.. Thanks..!!
  • Christabel Pina
    OMG!!! Thank you for this tutorial!!!! it is very HELPFUL!!!!!!
  • Pamela Barnett
    How do you change the widgets on the top? I want behance instead of dribbble
  • Adam Actions
    How do you customize the header and all other colors using this theme?
  • Jaegermane
    Changing the perma links literally broke my website thanks lol
  • Claire Buehler
    How do you add a photo gallery to a page that already exists? Like your home page? Easy to follow until there!!
  • Hendro Tjhai
    Hello Can You Help how to Remove author and date in Blog Post enigma theme?
  • Fattie
    How do you remove the snow flakes from this theme?
  • coreygraft799
    Is the title wrong? I came to learn about editing templates & the video shows how to make calendar events and embed google docs right from the start..