Building Popsicle Mansion Time Lapse HD

Published 2013-08-28
Popsicle sticks: 8,000
Glue sticks: 600

Q:How old are you?
A:15 when I started this, 17 when I finished

Q:How much can I buy this for?
A:Not selling it

Q:What do you use to cut the sticks?
A:"Anvil cutters" google it.

Q:Where do you buy sticks?
A:AC Moore, but you can get them at places like walmart or online

Q:What glue do you use?
A:Hot glue, dries in seconds.

Q:Why put inside walls if you can't see inside?
A: You CAN see inside, that's why I loaded it up with windows, and also, they are structural.

Q:Can I see the plans?
A:Sure, go to my facebook page, "TheMrFinneth" and find them in the photos.

Q:What are you going to have as a job?
A:Hopefully an architect!
9/2014 update: Going to Penn State for Business Management

Q:Are you going to paint it?
A:No. I like the wood look, and it painting it would make it look cheesy and take away from the fact that it's built with popsicle sticks.

Q:What are the songs?
A:1: Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Diablo Rojo
2: Tony Rice - Blackberry Blossom
3: Tony Rice - Mar East
4: Tony Rice - Plastic Banana
5. Earl Scruggs - Home Sweet Home

Scale: 1/24
Time: 18 months
Material Cost (Including lighting): $278.00
Filmed with a Logitec C910
Time Lapse made with Video Velocity
Edited with Sony Movie Studio 11

Started on February 24, 2012
Finished on August 25, 2013

All Comments (21)
  • Raynell Holmes
    no insulation, no dry wall, no plumbing or electric. its amazing the code inspectors allowed construction to continue.
  • This guy really just built a house out of popsicle sticks the exact same way you make a real home
  • y f
    Give this man around of applause 👏👏
    This is extraordinary really only few people have this patience and time
  • James Wilkinson
    I wanna thank you for uploading this, I watched it like two years ago and it inspired me to try it out and I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s one of my favorite things to do now. I like to make things other than houses like a ships and I’m currently making a train. If you hadn’t uploaded this I would probably never have gotten to this point. Thank you so much!
  • jthorner69
    This guy obviously is a house builder because he is very extraordinary in his talent this popsicle sticks!!! The dedication and the time that was spent on building this awesome house is a huge wow factor!!!!
  • Delaney Campbell
    During one point of the house it looked like a old abandoned house overtaken by cobwebs because of the hot glue stings.
  • It's Xavier
    It took this man 2 years to build this along with $270,00...

    I hope he grows up to be an architect or intirior decorator. I'd want him to build my house lol
  • Togo Kamata
    Oh my goodness! The fact that he was able to continue on this single project for over a year is simply amazing... And the walls look so smooth!
  • Sky Net
    Beautiful piece. I'm not an arts and craft guy. But your craftsmanship changed my mind, thanks!
  • yayaakayanira
    😲 did anyone else freak out about how the house would move as he was adding sticks??? I thought it was going to fall off the table! Congratulations on your beautiful piece of art work! 👍🏼
  • cclevel45
    Kick ass job man. I'm freaking shocked on how detailed the architecture is.
  • Tia Coisinha
    Incrível, muito gratificante acompanhar teu projeto! Parabéns, muito bem executado e ficou linda!
  • HowToEasy4u
    I can tell the builder will make a nice parent, you can build your child/kids a doll house.
  • Jr Robles
    How does this video have so many dislikes. This is pure art
  • Cameron Scott
    Wow, that takes a lot of patients and determination. To stick to a detailed plan all the way till the end knowing most of it won’t get seen is awesome. Good job man.
  • Pamela Cardeño
    I envy people who have the time and ability to make things like this. Those delicate details must require steady hands, which I do not have at all.
  • Katie M
    This is so ridiculously well built, I'm surprised you didn't put installation between the walls. Awesome job.
  • DAS42K
    This dude builds houses for real. This is not no ordinary popsicle stick house. This literally has structural key points
  • Mors novus
    Who would dislike this video? What is there to dislike about it??? Honestly it is so cool!!! I wish that I could have as much time that you do to make that 😂😂😂