iPhone 15/15 Pro Impressions: Not Just USB-C!

Published 2023-09-12
Hands-on with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

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  • For those who weren't there: During the event every youtuber/influencer was taking pictures and videos with Marques (including myself). Even when he was shooting his hands on video. He took his time for every single person who came up to him. Respect. As I said to him
    "thank you for your videos"
  • @HeroSosh
    Thx for the video and coverage. Kinda a tech junkie so I like to check in and see what’s the latest and what’s changed among the newer versions of the phones.. having seemingly ‘just gotten’ my 13 promax, I can’t really justify getting another 1200+$ phone for awhile.: but it’s still good to see the latest developments in apps, QOL, chip performance etc
  • @roderman93
    Great video! What I’m hearing is it’s a good upgrade from like a 12, but otherwise the same phone as in the last years… It’s sad that the “top” phone on the market is missing baseline features that the competitors have had for years: fast charging, USB3+ speeds, good battery life (assuming there is no major difference from my 14Pro). Been an Apple guy for 15 years now, but the only thing stopping me from switching now is the cost of switching & iOS/MacOS. I don’t see the added value anymore from the device.
  • @SmudgyRules
    I have a 14 Pro. Stupidly, I was quietly hoping Apple would bring out something that made me really want to upgrade to something shinier. But the progress is still iterative and safe. I know Samsung’s risks sometimes send them flying off the road, but at least they show that “courage” Apple keeps talking about.
  • @GreenProd007
    By the looks of it, the only difference for me (as a 14 pro max owner) is:
    - the 5x telephoto (3x seems to work fine for me as I never really needed to zoom any further than that)
    - usb C port
    - screen brightness
    - chip which probably isn’t even noticeably faster
    - Titanium build
    Probably more of a difference than the 13 pro to 14 pro had (from what a lot of people said wasn’t much at all), but still not justified imo. Great video btw.
  • @vidIQ
    Looking forward to Apple quoting MKBHD during next product launch with:
    "This probably won't make a real difference to most people... it's kind of a bummer."
  • Thanks for this review on the iPhone 15. USB-C is a big deal and one of the main factors for whether or not I'd switch. Lack of fast charging is a bizzare choice by Apple. Might be worth it if Google doesn't slow down with their surveillance/adtech shenanigans.
  • Great Video as always! :)
    As I'm rocking an iPhone 13 Pro Max right now, I'm not really inclined to upgrade.
    The main reasons for me personally would be upholding the "value" by uptrading as currently the 13 Pro Max is still worth a good amount of money.
    And the other reason is the camera.
    Sure USB-C is nice and all, but it also means, as you mentioned, that all my accessories are pretty much useless now or I need to buy adapters.
    With no faster charging mentioned it also doesn't make a big difference anyway. The faster data transfer speeds aside.
    So yeah, again, mixed feelings and will only upgrade if I get a good offer through my mobile provider.
  • I think I will stick with my 14 pro max for now. I usually only upgrade if there’s a big speed or battery upgrade or if the camera is much better. Right now I don’t see anything being a bigger upgrade over the phone I currently have. Thank you for for the great review as always!!
  • @aanchaallllllll
    0:00: 📱 The video discusses the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, highlighting features that either exist in other phones or are exclusive to the Apple ecosystem.
    2:49: 📱 The new iPhone 15 has a dynamic display, higher peak brightness, and a 48-megapixel camera with a Next Generation portrait mode.
    5:32: 🔌 The video discusses the limitations of USB-C on iPhones and the lack of fast charging.
    8:15: 📱 The video discusses the new features of the redesigned iPhone, including a more repairable back glass and a customizable action button.
    11:25: 📱 The new iPhone's biggest feature is the switch to USB-C.
    Recap by Tammy AI
  • @TH-lu9du
    While USB 2.0 specification has a 480 Mbit/s max speed, the spec does not require the implementing chip to be capable of transferring at that speed. The iPod I bought in 2004 supported USB 2.0, but when measured, it only supported 15 Mbit/s, way below the max theoretical speed for the spec. So yes, it also supported FireWire, but only for marketing purposes.
  • I like the assurance that the phone is on silent mode the old mute switch gives. I would have preferred Apple retaining the visible indication that the switch was on while implementing programmable functions
  • @bloomfilms
    It’s crazy how in a matter of just a couple years the tech industry went from inviting zero YouTubers to these events, to Apple quoting Marques in the opening presentation about the MacBooks. That was really exciting to see!
  • Great post. I’m so tired of reviewers acting like every new item is the best thing in the world and causing consumers to waste money. Thank you so much for being open and honest about the iPhone 15 Pro Max so now I can really decide if I even think it would be worth upgrading from a 13 Pro Max.
  • @SilverSniperz
    The 1x, 1.2x, and 1.5x options are not meant to be for shooting in those “multiples” of 1x, if you notice in the settings they have their lens mm equivalent next to them. It’s for photographers who want to shoot at a specific lens size.
  • @aizoyurei
    I'm glad the 15 is cool piece of kit, but here in Japan the Pro is 250,000 yen, which is over $2,500. A grand more than the 14 Pro Max. Insane... I think the US prices are little more digestible, but we're talking high-end laptop prices over here. It's crazy...

    Either way, Marques again coming through with the quality content!
  • @joehanko
    Magnification options like 1.2x might be an optics offset for those using lens attachments to avoid vignetting
  • @salahhamze
    The 1.2 makes sense to me; it restores the old 28mm focal length that some prefer over the slightly distorted 24mm focal length
  • @itsDesTV
    I just hate how they headline the USB C to be their main change but they leave out on so many features they could put in the phone just so they have areas of improvement for future phones.. its the same thing that NVIDIA did when Etherium was cut off. The 40 series cards magically became 60% better than previous. there had to be a reason to buy.. so dumb how we are in a choke hold
  • @peadookie
    My big concern with titanium is that it is extremely brittle compared to steel - steel bends, titanium breaks apart or breaks off chunks. It's a great way to save weight, but I honestly think steel might be a better long-term material for every day phone usage.