Dragons BUT With Subtitles

Published 2021-02-22

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  • puffgirl6
    Props to the crew for handling, feeding, and caring for 3 dragons from birth. That is no easy feat and they helped these endangered animals stay alive and healthy during these trying times.
  • Reasons
    I gotta say, Dany and the Dragons relationship is the only thing I approve of in this show. Drogon was the only one in the end who didn’t abandon Dany. Makes sense since his name came from Drogo, the only man who was willing to burn Westeros for Her.
  • Riley Fae
    The way drogon just stared into Jon's soul while he was kissing Dany had me rolling. Gotta love protective kids 😂
  • AlphaIkaros
    they didn't even bothered showing Dany griefing over her dead dragons. there was a little sad moment when Viserion died, but when they showed Dany waiting over the wall, for Jon to come back, instead of lamenting over her lost dragon, that was just... terribly written.
  • Zelon Liger
    Rule Number 1: Don't let dragons die in any kind of series.
    Rule Number 2: There is none.
  • Endarus
    "they dont like the north"

    well yea, dragon is weak to ice, everyone knows that
  • Mirth & Zest
    CGI or not, the baby dragons are amongst the cutest things ever 😍
  • I cried so hard when Drogon was nudging Dany hoping she'd wake up, that was SO SAD :'(
    He lost his brothers AND his mother....not cool writers!!
  • Pointless Talk
    I get why Drogon might pale in comparison to Balerion but seeing how he could easily incinerate the Iron Throne, which was cast using Balerion's fire, it's fair to say that he's well on his way to becoming the new Black Dread.
  • Dillon Lehane
    I always figured it was a mix of "if my mom can't have it, nobody can" and Drogon blaming the throne itself for all the fighting and, by extension, Danaerys' death
  • I'll never understand why Dany had that confused look on her face when she got snapped at because she thought it was okay to touch a dragon when it was getting ready to eat 🤣
  • Le Vips
    “Yeah that’s right Jon, I understand symbolism” took me from being sad about Dany to bursting out laughing 😂😂
  • Ace Macklin
    "Bow ya shitts" lmao that was perfect. Robert would have been proud
  • I love that. I would have subtitled the last one after Drogon burns the throne, "If mommy cant have that ugly chair, then no one can have it." That's how I interpreted that scene when I saw it. He knew his mother was fighting for something called an Iron Throne, he knows that she finally got it. And he knows what Iron is. So it makes sense, lol.
  • Kralovna Opic
    Drogon’s line of “there’s a weird old man in here” literally had me cackling
  • Jane Carter
    There's something super wholesome and emotional about seeing the dragons starting from small helpless hatchlings then theme growing into the nation conquering beasts that they're known as
  • Lord Voldemort
    Tyrion: "I'm here to help."
    Rhaegal and Viseryon: "Ooh, snacc! It's good luck to eat flame grilled dwarf!"
    Tyrion: "Don't eat the help!"
    Rhaegal and Viseryon: "Fine, take these chains off and we'll let you live as our servant."
  • Wolf
    I like how he’s just like
    And then
    “ o h i t ‘ s j u s t y o u J o n “
  • "I approve of him. Please don't dump him like Daario." 😂😂😂