Lil Durk Addresses issues w/ NBA Youngboy & Quando Rondo "What Did He Do???"

Published 2023-05-23

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  • Truck Norris
    The issue is simple and I feel Durk. He lost someone close to him. You can never right that wrong.
  • Ten 1 of 1
    when he said “it’s not music, it’s von” you can tell that shit still hurts him 😓 RIP King Von ❤
  • Durk knows how to handle himself like a boss. Never seen my generation of rap actually conduct an interview this good in a long time.
  • Char
    Durk is way more humble and relatable than I expected
  • JEFF
    You can hear the maturity in lil Durk's response to every question. Bro now speaking like an OG.
  • That’s how you carry yourself durk 💯 real recognize real
    Lil Durk be straight slayin' the game, no doubt! AUTHENTIC VIEWS gave him a boost, but his raw talent remains unchanged. He's holdin' it down like a true boss! Drop a thumbs up if you're vibin' with it, fam!
  • DirtySparkls
    This interview just made me respect Lil Durk way more!! Salute to him!
  • Platinumxkillah
    Durk handled himself well in this interview. I know age doesn’t come with maturity but I’m glad he’s learning his role on the industry and not worrying about a broken 23yr old with little to no guidance. 🙏🏽
  • Colorado Guns
    Been rocking with durk since “Dis ain’t what you want “ and still rocking with bruh
  • Man trying to pull on emotions and hypotheticals but Durk see it. Much respect
  • LaShawn Carter
    Durk is smart! He's moving & responding thoughtfully, strategically & cautiously while keeping things real!!
  • Jay 21
    It's not just's VON!!! Dat shit hit right there 🙏🏾
  • Rodney Nicotine
    Durk knows how to talk and tell you as little as information as possible. He's smart. too many new rappers implicate themselves in stupid shit for no reason at all.
  • Prince Slime
    The way durk answer the questions got me crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • TheDonM
    You could tell the growth in Durk over the years in being in the rap game. I’m glad he knows how to move & what to say & how to say it.
  • Motivation Bag
    A durk interview trending number one. He's come a super long way. Crazy to think def jam gave up on him at one point.
  • Andrew Wickizer
    Durk you are definitely one of the most humble and realest rappers ever❤️
  • LaTae
    I gotta lot of respect for Durk for bein mature enough to talk bout all this and not get upset 💯