Published 2020-03-07

The pitch black troll skin clips took forever to get. first clip took the longest. so many people using white background that i would just get cornered over and over. lol

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Track: TRVNSPORTER & Adro - Insidious
Music Provided by Magic Records
Listen To The Original:

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All Comments (21)
  • Kyree
    Damn that split run was relaxing, great vid GDK.
  • BlaKbLocK
    0:39 there is no explaining how lucky he was in that moment! keep it up :D
    the red guy almost made it first lmao
  • adelj
    1:48 omg even I got trolled through the screen 🤣🤣🤣
  • sp_ace
    4:57 I bet they did not see that coming xDD
  • c4ratdeul
    0:37 most sick play + edit i have ever seen + the next clip 😳👏🏻👏🏻.
  • Laura Langdon
    0:54 he got them with the double split and the enemy team didn't even see em coming!
  • HI
    ي شبااب والله يوم يقسم راحه نفسيه 😂💛.
  • Abhishek Jain
    He: Invisible skin
    Me an intellectual having white background: Really ?
  • Manny YT
    I literally cannot just stop looking at you vids hope you post more often ❤️
  • Laura Langdon
    0:51 look at that! That's what a double split looks like in slow motion
  • Chachtra Son
    Ahh I remember when I joined ur live and I had the grace skin That killed me of happiness
  • dripzy fn
    If anyone wants a kind of Marco hold the feeding button for 3 seconds