4 Hours Of Relaxing Nature Sounds For A Peaceful Night’s Sleep – Sleeping, Relaxing And Meditation

Published 2020-06-07
Relax, unwind and fall asleep to the relaxing sounds of nature.

Why do nature sounds, such as night crickets, the soothing sound of wind blowing through the trees, or the gentle flow of water have such a sleepy effect on the brain?

Part of the answer lies in how our mind interpret these sounds, both while awake and also at night when we are sleeping. Each sound is interpreted as either a threat or a non-threat.

Certain sounds, such as a baby crying or a loud car alarm blasting out in the middle of the night can hardly be ignored. Yet other sounds, like the relaxing sound of flowing water, crickets chirping in the night, or sometimes, even the faint rumble of thunder, the brain sort of tunes them out.

These gentle, relaxing noises are the sounds of non-threats, which is why they have such a calming sleepy effect on us. It's like nature saying: “Hey, don't worry, put your feet up, everything is fine”.

So just close your eyes, relax and enjoy!

Video by Ambient Nature Atmosphere from Pixabay.

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If you have trouble sleeping, suffer from insomnia or are just stressed out, I really hope this relaxing nature soundscape can be of some benefit to you

- Past Tense.