I'm a Villager?! Afterlife Modded Minecraft SMP | Ep. 1

Published 2022-03-11
GeminiTay's episode 1 of afterlife smp! The modded series where you have 10 lives, and you get a new origin every time you die. In this episode we get a villager origin, and we setup in a village!

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Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com/ and OBS
Minecraft version 1.18.1
Optifine 1.18.1
Shaders: BSL

Afterlife members:
Dangthatsalongname - youtube.com/c/Dangthatsalongname
fWhip - youtube.com/c/fWhip
Joey Graceffa - youtube.com/c/JoeyGraceffaGames
Katherine Elizabeth - youtube.com/c/KatherineElizabethGaming
Laurenzside - youtube.com/c/LaurenzSide
LDShadowLady - youtube.com/c/ldshadowlady
Mythical Sausage - youtube.com/c/TheMythicalSausage
RIP Mika - youtube.com/c/RIPmika
Seapeekay - youtube.com/c/SeaPeeKay
Shubble - youtube.com/c/Shubble
Smallishbeans - youtube.com/c/SmallishBeans
Solidarity - youtube.com/user/SolidarityGaming
Strawburry17 - youtube.com/c/Strawburry17Plays
TheOrionSound - youtube.com/c/TheOrionSound

All Comments (21)
  • @ralpa6327
    The way they keep feeding her cookies and pies makes me feel like she's the only grandchild in an entire village of older folks, so they've all just adopted her and are spoiling her while she helps fix up their homes, changes lightbulbs, shovels sidewalks, etc and I love it
  • @jaxprid
    Everyone else: "You only have 10 lives!" Gem: "You can die up to 10 times."
  • I love Gem’s accurate villager trades: “Here’s 5 diamonds.” “Thanks!” throws a singular emerald
  • Shadowlady kidnapping you with composters was probably one of the sweetest and funniest occurrences I have witnessed! Your story telling abilities are wonderful!
  • @Cocoecake
    To the villagers Gem is a wandering trader that came into their village, flooded it with body gaurds, fixed up a house, was whisked away by a player (but was able to escape- something no villager has done before), and successfully scared off a illager And so they shower her with pies and cookies because she's the locally adopted queen of villagers
  • @nickpereira971
    I love how Megan is warning people to be wary of Gem, meanwhile, Gem is just there living her best villager life 🤣
  • @pinkymontes8572
    I found it really funny when Gem's showing Sausage a chest full of items to trade, but he excitedly went straight to the bells and rings it multiple times. What an innocent and funny man! :D
  • @cherryp3tals
  • @lillyrose5645
    Gem humming like a villager is just the cutest thing ever
  • Gem would be that one person just everyone in the village loves from grandparents to kids even golems I also love how sausage is just like happy for her the way he said "is this all ur family members?! This is great!" Is just so sweet
  • @livesandlies
    i can't call myself a true gem fan without having watched this series yet , especially because I'm enjoying new life so much 😅
  • @kamomile_tea
    This is so incredibly wholesome! And I just LOST it when Gem got kidnapped for a villager trading hall, I hope everyone on the server continues playing into their roles because it leads to hilarious moments like that XD
  • @theruder9
    Before she got to the village : Everyone is unemployed, the ground is all uneven, there's a giant sinkhole in the center of town, there's no produce coming in or out, and there's the constant threat of nightmare creatures breaking into your home in the middle of the night. Afterwards : She fixes the uneven earth, rescues a lost villager from a chasm, reintroduces commerce and exports, establishes agriculture, and brings in numerous guards to alleviate the aforementioned nightmare creatures. "We don't know why the new mayor showed up, but she lets us pay our taxes with pie, so we don't mind."
  • @BuddhaAfterDark
    The roleplaying is absolute gold. I mean gem. I mean. You know what I mean. :D
  • I loved the roleplay of Gem the Iron villager being kidnapped and escaping. Everyone getting spooked by the appearance of a golem when they spook Gem is great. The shader made the inside of the house so pretty, but sadly too bright for me to watch the screen outside. I love the videos Gem your builds are always wonderful!
  • @halmittens
    Her being a villager makes a lot of sense, she takes good care of her citizens in a lot if her series!!
  • @Snapdragon673
    I saw the scene of Lizzie leading Gem to her house from Lizzie's point of view. And now actually being able to see and hear what gem is saying\hearing makes it ten times better. I ❤️you gem!
  • @ghost_kdg6940
    Gem as a villager is giving strawberry shortcake vibes. Those hmms are so cute omg
  • @L0llz_Ed1ts
    Gem always gets out of her way to start a bunch of series to entertain us. Afterlife SMP sounds soooo cool and good luck and try not to die but I think u will do well because of all the hardcore u have tried