“Michael CeraVe” I CeraVe Super Bowl (Long Form)

Published 2024-02-11

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  • "Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty." - Derek Zoolander
  • @ChicAngelxox
    Zoolander vibes, freaking hilarious 💀💀 if he flapped around like a merman I would’ve died
  • @danboyd2725
    Michael Cera actually inherited the company when his dermatologist parents were killed in a tragic laboratory moisturizing accident.
  • @lofiphixx
    Bruh, this is my 10th time watching this ad. This is hilarious! Let my cream hydrate you is wild 😂
  • @GeographyNow
    Well that was definitely a clever use of the brand name
  • @Veronica-rf6hc
    I cannot stop watching this... 😂🤣😂... whoever is the Don Draper behind this commercial you have sold me on believing in love and buying nylons!
  • @97TP
    This is one of the Super Bowl commercials of all time
  • @shawnr3794
    “Let my cream hydrate you” 🤨😉
  • @Medude24
    How is it you cut a long version of your 30 second commercial and left out the best line? “I’m Michael Cera and human skin is my passion.”
  • @MrTerrorFace
    Michael Cera looks like an older Scott Pilgrim now.
  • @SeanBaker
    When he replied back to the unicorn dolphin, I lost it. 😂😂😂
  • @cuongdiep3415
    When he said “This is my cream”. I knew there was a special formula to moisturizing the skin 😂
  • @abbysomnia624
    My favorite piece of media that has ever existed. Thank you
  • Thank you so much for this masterpiece CeraVe! I absolutely love Michael Cera in any acting scenario. He can perfectly portray being serious. While simultaneously giving off a very goofy unserious demeanor.

    This commercial definitely made me chuckle 😂