[4K] 엔하이픈(ENHYPEN) “Bills” Band LIVE Concert│수록곡 맛집 짱하이픈이 사랑한 5번 트랙 빌즈 밴드라이브 [it’s KPOP LIVE 잇츠라이브]

Published 2023-06-03

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  • @Jay-yr2lg
    Heeseung, Jay & Jake vocals fit this song! Like seriously
  • @outroseok
    I really love Heeseung's voice so much, I regret not stanning him sooner.
  • @Lina_8805
    Seriously every time I look at ENHYPEN interview or performance and think that Heeseung is their hidden leader😄His aura is just like that. Born to be a leader🤩
  • @missg3824
    Heeseung and Jake chorus combo at the beginning is so perfect
  • @ronnies512
    Heesung’s angelic tone + Ni-ki’s deep handsome tone 😭
  • Sunoo's voice always been beautiful and warm.. 😍
    And Jake's voice improves a lot..

    Love this song so much..
  • @nobey0615
    노래 개좋음.... 엔하이픈은 잘될거임 노래가 좋으니까,,,,
  • @LoveMutz
    Jakes vocals are really shining in this era! His soft melodic voice really fits these songs
  • @Sim_Deayun
    Jake and Heeseung vocals have no match ❤ the best duo heejake ❤❤
  • @nadhee4900
    i'm in love with heeseung's vocal TT i need to hear more from him.. please release more cover in future <3
  • @hbvlog3587
    Heeseung last ending vocal OMG❤️‍🔥can't explain their vocal so amazing amazing 😍
  • @hannaha9884
    jake's vocal skill is amazing its improved sm
  • @ProximaSun
    They all sounded great and my Top 3 for vocal perf on this Live Stage.
    1. Heeseung
    2. Sunoo
    3. Jake
  • @aesthdity
    their vocals are amazing, they improved alot!