Sean Rii, Karyon, Sharzkii - Taungule [My Love] (Official Music Video)

Published 2024-06-28
Official music video for Taungule (My Love) by Sean Rii, Karyon & Sharzkii

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All Comments (21)
  • @SeanRii
    Comment where you are watching from 👇🏽
  • @angelqurusu9520
    Its like this Solomon island artists discover a new music reggae genre. Woooooooh..
  • @nonarh4066
    Thanks Sean Rii for producing beautiful music in my language (Teha language) from Central Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. 🤩💛
  • The turn of Hear senrii vocals it was awesome and recall back good old days I was lonely about missing my love 💗🙏
  • @ZloDavid-ek4vb
    Love this song listening from PNG 🇵🇬 675🔥🔥
  • @YunielRuane
    observing from my biggest fan ever, the breathtakingly brilliant Maprik
  • @baugamu6941
    Not one time Sean Rii will disappoint me with his music. Just a kind request from your big fan here, please do a lyrics video too so we can sing it whenever and wherever we are.. ❤❤
  • @ChaLiCe1307
    677🇸🇧 reppin #seanrii🔥💯 still with the unique style. WA 6330 watching fro
  • Only problem with this song is its not long 🙌😌👏🇸🇧😍
  • 💚💛❤LOVE IS THE PUREST MAGIC OF JAH🙏LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY TO PEACE💚💛❤  ✨👍✨ I send blessed greetings with LOVE worldwide family❤✨✨✨🌍
  • @NseviAlocz
    observing from the stunningly amazing Maprik, my biggest fan ever
  • This was suggested to me while listening to the song “Dupe - Mbappe” ❄️❄️❄️
  • @Huriingwele
    Watch frm vanuatu capital🎉 Bigfun here❤
  • Too good boys, Sean Dii you always had such melodies that you can really own the song bro. Keep it going.🙏🙏🙏