Meet the 6-year-old whose morning routine is going viral

Published 2023-05-22
Ayaan Diop wakes up every morning before his siblings so he can enjoy his lemon and honey tea while reading his chapter book. The 6-year-old joins TODAY with his parents, Alissa and Alpha, to share his motivating and calming routine.

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All Comments (21)
  • He sits calmly, you can tell he’s not an iPad kid. He’s reading CHAPTER BOOKS at six! He’s so well articulate for such a small age even saying thank you unprompted! Such a beautiful child, the siblings too. Go mom and dad! You are doing it right!
  • @itsnlee
    From the way he sat with the mug and reading the book, he immediately gave CEO energy. Good job parents.
  • @toriAllisonP
    Did anyone else catch how his face lit up even more when his daddy started praising him??! Yes his momma did that as well but he seemed to light up a little more when his daddy spoke. The voice of a father MATTERS greatly especially in the life of our young boys. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • It all starts in the home. As a reading specialist I applaud this child. He is surely a special child. God Bless!
  • @AudreyC379
    A kid who likes to have some quiet time? That is indeed a rare find these days. Full respect to this kid and the parents. 🙌👑
  • @burney7418
    Imagine a world where all parents encourage their children like this. What a future to look forward to. Well done.
  • @encourage03
    He is every teacher’s dream student!!! God bless this sweet child!!!!
  • @FirstLookReviews
    Those parents are phenomenal! Speaking such positive words over their son constantly, look what he has already accomplished in his short life. God continue to bless them 🙌👏
  • @samanthabrown359
    My teacher heart just melted. He is precious. We all need a morning routine like his. Kudos to his parents. ❤
  • We LOVE his book! “I am smart, I am blessed, I can anything.” I had no idea it was based off of a real kid/family.
  • @blacsouljah
    Powerful when a father speaks positivity/blessing over his child.
  • @skip2265
    This child has truly proven how we all could use some quite time! Silence this raggedy world we live in and be calming in the end!❤
  • @tomkurowski8443
    Kudos to his mother for encouraging him to succeed. We need more parents like this.
  • @GPTAsk
    Wow, this little boy's morning routine is truly inspiring! It's amazing to see how he takes the time to calm himself down, enjoy his tea, and engage in quiet activities before starting his day. I can totally relate to feeling rushed in the mornings, and I think we can all learn something from his approach.

    His parents have done a fantastic job nurturing his love for reading and introducing him to different stories. It's wonderful to see him find solace in books and embrace the joy of reading. And his affirmations are absolutely empowering! The fact that he recites them on his own shows the positive impact they've had on his confidence and motivation.

    It's evident that Ion is a special child with remarkable qualities. His desire to become a scientist and his involvement in a scientist club at school is impressive for someone his age. His idea of creating a formula to prolong life is ambitious and shows his curiosity and imagination.

    I truly admire Ion's parents for recognizing and fostering his unique abilities and interests. They have set high expectations for him, and he has risen to meet them. It's a reminder that we should trust and believe in our children's potential. Ion's name, meaning "gift from God," is truly fitting because he is indeed a gift.

    It's heartwarming to see Ion's enthusiasm for reading and his interactions with Jenna. Their thoughtful gifts and support further reinforce his passion for learning. I have no doubt that Ion will continue to achieve great things in the future. Keep shining, Ion! You are an inspiration to us all.
  • @Kat-lk3jj
    Such an incredible little boy. I can’t wait to see who he becomes when he gets older.
  • @chelseabruce5675
    Shoutout to these parents!
    This little guy is so inspiring. 🧡
  • We do this with my son and it truly is incredible to see this being celebrated. Nothing like quiet time, affirmations and positive uplifting words and a beautiful supportive family.
  • @mayclemz42
    Was inspired by his affirmations...I'm gonna start that with my kids...I'm smart,I'm blessed and I can do anything 🙏.Thanks Ayaan and parents
  • @kimlondon6036
    Just goes to prove how amazing a child can be when they’re in a supportive, loving home.
  • I’m in LOVE with this little man, these parents, and their entire family!!! I’m so thankful that the Today Show featured this family. I could watch stories about all families that are living their best lives, and I especially like to show my family folks that look like us in a positive story. Just like every other family!!!