Published 2022-11-19
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All Comments (21)
  • Pham sang
    Petition for mark to have his own podcast where he just reads stories. Literally anything. His voice is so soothing. 8)
  • Daniel a
    I love this vid its made me laugh!:) Merry Xmas preston!
  • oxygen
    nobody: brianas mind : if you get this wrong you sleep on the couch tonight
  • Amber Young
    I'm going with 4 because it sounds just like her
  • Blue Fire Arise
    She definitely number 4 bc the hands looked like bris for sure watching bri for a while it pretty easy to tell her apart from the others
  • zfg hbs4575
    Dude, I just wanted to say this, but I am so proud of you for getting nominated for an Emmy. That is something that is really hard to get and you deserve all the best. Thanks for pumping out such amazing content for so long :)
  • girly gamer
    I guessed 4 at the beginning based on how they sat and I’m pretty sure I got it right
  • Kedo
    I love her videos that she makes with her friends and family. Lets get her to 15M.
  • Alisha Cheng
    anyone noticed that the woman on the right of the thumbnail is pierson
  • zfg hbs2903
    SUPER hyped for this new series!!! (double upload, one at a time, doesnt matter long as we got some Jev content)
  • Ben Nguyen
    When it comes to cooking Gordon is an absolute expert at roasting literally anyone for the flaws in their approach to it
  • Tran son
    The fact that you didnt step on air while you were climbing that staircase is impressive to me :)