The Super Bowl Halftime Show Tier List

Published 2023-02-16
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This video is a supercut of my two previous halftime show tier lists made in the summer of 2022. It's updated to include 2023's halftime with Rihanna, as well as couple of tier adjustments that differ from the original edits.

U2 from B to A: I mentioned the heavy emotion of their performance, but placing it in B tier doesn't do the impact of it enough justice. Revisiting it, I can understand why some hold it as their favorite halftime show of all time.

Lady Gaga from A to S: I basically made the entire argument for it to be placed in S tier and then placed it just short at the top of A. Originally my thinking was that there's enough of a divide between Beyoncé's show and Gaga's, but that just isn't the case. Both are superb in different ways.

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Introduction- 0:00
Early Halftime Shows- 0:48
Elvis Presto- 1:32
The Peanuts Gang- 2:14
Disney & NKOTB- 2:55
Winter Magic- 3:44
Michael Jackson- 4:48
Country Quartet- 5:35
Indiana Jones- 6:17
Diana Ross- 7:24
The Blues Brothers- 8:07
Salute to Motown- 9:42
Gloria Estefan & Stevie Wonder- 10:29
Disney Millennium Celebration-11:25
Aerosmith & NSYNC- 12:52
U2- 14:05
Shania Twain- 15:21
Janet Jackson- 16:05
Paul McCartney- 17:35
The Rolling Stones- 18:24
Prince- 19:13
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- 20:33
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band- 21:27
The Who- 22:39
The Black Eyed Peas- 23:51
Madonna- 25:12
Beyoncé- 26:30
Bruno Mars- 27:47
Katy Perry- 29:06
Coldplay- 30:20
Lady Gaga- 32:00
Justin Timberlake- 33:22
Maroon 5- 34:50
Shakira & J. Lo- 36:47
The Weeknd- 38:01
Dr. Dre & Friends- 39:40
Rihanna- 41:39
Thank you for watching!- 43:55