This is why Giannis accidentally knocked the ladder over! #shorts #76ers #giannisantetokounmpo

Published 2022-11-20

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  • Hendrix🎸
    Montrez really tried to kick an MVP off the court after scoring a whopping 1 pt in that game.
  • emo nemo
    "Lemme get my thumbnail real quick"
  • Mr. Yomomlove me
    Montez Harrell always playing tough he need to worry bout them weed charges he got 😂😂
    This fool said "Accidentally" lmmfao
    Bro SHOVED that shit over
  • TheHighHorse
    The staff gotta go home as well.
    Plus this ain’t home court.
  • Johnny_bruhchill
    Shout out to you puttin the real story out there buddy!! Need more like you 😂
  • TheJediOutcast
    " He has every right to use the court after the game. " I'm pretty sure he doesn't, especially at an AWAY game. Isn't that the 76ers home court? lol At this time it was well into the night and workers are just trying to wrap things up in the stadium and go home.
  • Mike Creger
    That's what an MVP does. Practice, worry about your game not petty BS.
  • REALLY THAT SHOCKS ME that the media doesn't show or ppl don't see the full video
  • Vito Rim
    Love the fact his brother came out that's what's up
  • C Hambleton
    My man was trying to put the hoop and all away lol trying to clean up for the night and get home
  • K DOGG
    He didn't "accidentally " knock the ladder over my friend.....smh
  • 215demon
    “Accidentally knocked the ladder over” 😂😂 pretty hard to do tbh

    Edit: Haha y’all are mad
  • DottaYT
    Montrez was on demon timing he was even finna fight Giannis Brother 😭😭
  • This is the saltiness of a guy who knows he’ll be boarding a flight to china to play for his next team sooner rather than later
  • 4vp’Acap
    What is “accidently” with that aggresive push the ladder… wow you so smart at observing situations admin good job 👏
  • Courageous son
    Lol accidentally threw it over 😂he threw the shit out of it Angry too 😅