Opening 3 Mystery Spongesicle Figures! (I found a rare one!)

Published 2021-06-26
Today I got my hands on some Spongesicle Mystery Figures! All thanks to my friend, Wyatt! They're basically Spongebob Popsicle figurines! They're only sold in the UK, so I'm very thankful to be opening some! Hopefully I find all four!

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Thanks for watching! :)

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  • BrentTV
    Should I try to find all 4?! Enjoy your day everyone! :)
  • aero_
    whenever Brent posts something my day gets instantly better
  • raichun~ ♪
    Yes, finally, a YouTuber who ACTUALLY keeps his promises
  • Blis
    If Wyatt had difficult time finding them and you managed to find the rarest one they were trying to find three times in a row, then that's like 1/1000 chance or something. Holy jesus.
  • Kenzie Griffin
    Brent is going to have the best stories for his grandchildren
  • I can just see Wyatt's face right now. He's probably screaming in jealousy and peer pressure. Pressure because now it's a race to see who finds them all first.
  • Josh deveaux
    I can’t believe there’s enough of an audience for collectibles based off of messed up popsicles to exist
    How could anyone hate this guy he is AWESOME!
  • Lalo_7274
    It's a perfect way to begin the day watching a BrentTV video 😊
    I just adore your dedication and fun upbeat attitude about this
  • Emma :-]
    Brent makes our days way better! 🥰
  • Cillazzy
    Wyatt must be so happy that you opened them.
  • Amethyst
    The fact that these even EXIST OFFICIALY is mind-blowing
  • Ghostly
    Brent, I just want to say congratulations on blowing up! You deserved this so much road to 1 million
  • Lin
    Brent: this one was quite hard to get

    Also Brent: screaming his lungs out because he got the one that got hit by the bus
  • Abdullatif_30
    I love how brent posts everyday for us on Tiktok and YouTube