Why there is only one good spongebob movie

Published 2022-06-24

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  • I really hope you enjoy this. I’ve never made a video this long but it felt great and I hope to do it more

    Really hope Viacom doesn’t wrongfully copyright this like they are notorious for doing
  • Fun Fact: Stephen Hillenburg actually wanted the first spongebob movie to be the finale of Spongebob and honestly that would have been better in my opinion
  • @kaz101
    David Hasselhoff helping Spongebob and Patrick out of nowhere and it never being explained is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in an animated movie
  • @zacadoole1
    The fact that the first movie single-handedly managed to turn Dennis into a menacing name is is a testament to its cultural impact
  • @cartoonmaster2401
    As a kid, I never realized that Dennis stepping on Patrick and SpongeBob was a callback to Plankton being stepped on by SpongeBob in the beginning.
  • 1: Great movie, perfect for an intended finale, well-written plot where every single moment counted
    2: Nice concept, wacky and enjoyable storyline, not as good as first one but still very great
    3: spinoff ad
  • @simonantonehie6392
    I've watched the first SpongeBob movie so much that I genuinely can recite it off by heart. I would zone out in class and just play the movie in my head.
  • In my eyes, the original SpongeBob movie will always be the true ending to the SpongeBob franchise. It's absolute perfection in terms of storytelling, character portrayal, musical numbers, references and humour - as opposed to its successors, who treat the audience like 5 year olds (the lame jokes and the over-explaining of jokes).
    Not to mention, "Ocean Man" is a banger of an end theme.
  • The worst part about Sponge on the Run is that Steven Hillenburg never wanted any spin-offs for SpongeBob. That’s why they waited until he died to make it
  • @Marcothemanmarco
    Sponge on the run was a depressing watch. All I could think during the credits was “This isn’t the SpongeBob i grew up with”. The franchise is completely unrecognizable.
  • @dracocrusher
    Man, the tear scene is so good. Not only is it emotional as heck, it's also a really funny way for them to go out because they're literally being dried out by a heat lamp to become gift shop accessories. But before the kids can get too sad over it, you pull out to see the pirates breaking the fourth wall, both calling back to the framing device of the film and also actively being like "Wait, it's a movie! They can't die, there has to be a way to save them!"

    It's just such a fun way to balance the tension in a kids comedy. You get your emotional heartfelt darker moment, but you also manage to pull out in a way that doesn't ruin the stakes and alienate the audience. You've already been told it's a movie, so when it's re-established it's like "Oh, right, this is the framing, and it's really funny that this is how they're handling it." It keeps the energy going and keeps the tone from getting too dark while still giving you the catharsis of seeing the heroes actually get out of this mess in-universe.
  • @kathrynkeith1222
    Did anyone notice planktons plan “z” was actually also plan “N” for plan Neptune? They wear the same symbol around their necks if you look the “z” looks purposefully stretched to look like an N
  • @brodika
    Fun fact: This movie was the first time I heard the word 'depression'.
  • @brandonm8901
    The heat lamp scene was unnecessarily emotional for a Spongebob film. Very well executed too
  • @4shadow894
    Reasons why i love Spongebob The Movie:
    1. It is a movie
    2. It has plot relevance where every scene is relevant to another
    3. It has a lesson where you don't need to be mature to be held responsibility, you just just need to be trusted and make a reason for them to trust you
    4. Spongebo deserves that promotion because one thing: he has been dedicating his life for his job and no one else th Krabs or Squidward
    5. Patrick is the best best friend in this movie
    6. Unlike the 2nd and 3rd movies, this movie has a story-arc, side-gimmicks that are relevant to one another and about the actual characters that the 2nd and 3rd can't replicate
    7. The patty wagon
    8. Even Squidward is able to have his own story in here
  • There's something I'd like to add onto the heat lamp scene: When Spongebob is talking and Patrick keeps saying "Shell City" Spongebob keeps talking until he says "Okay Patrick, now you're seriously starting to bum me out." Which implies that he STILL held onto his childlike enthusiasm and optimism even in the face of death. And then, as you said, once he realized that they had made it, they accept it.

    That sudden shift from weary optimism to acceptance and sad pride to reaching their goal is brilliant in a way I can't do justice with words. I love the first Spongebob movie, and God bless the soul of Stephen Hillenburg, what an absolute legend.
  • @TheBlueSpider
    Although I do agree partly with fans saying spongebob should've ended on the 1st movie, I still feel like season 4-5 and possibly 6 still had some good episodes. Gary come home felt like an og spongebob episode and this was season 4, The gags with patchy the pirate made me laugh too much as well. I'm currently rewatching the series as a whole and even though I see the decrease in quality of episodes I do think the some of the later seasons are not bad at all.
  • The First Movie actually made me cry
    In the credits

    So there was this one song called "Spongebob and Patrick Confront a Psychic Wall of Energy"
    I internalized its lyrics and felt how Spongebob and patrick are growing up, like me. I heard it again some years later and i cant help but to be a sobbing mess. The nostalgia just hit me so hard and internalizing the lyrics now as an adult made me understand how the movie was meant to be a finale and its time for spongebob and crew to move on.
  • @yeezoyoutube
    The SpongeBob movie: a gloriously executed timeless classic with a phenomenal story, great writing, and overall a wonderful time

    Sponge out of water: a wacky, fun movie with no cohesive plot, a story that's way over the top random, and no payoff sure, but it's goofy nature perfectly encapsulates the wackyness of the better parts modern SpongeBob.

  • @hotaru8309
    I think part of David Hasselhoff working was that
    1. It was so unexpected until
    2. That Hasselhoff just seems so legitimately, honestly, excited to be a part of it. His happiness is contagious.
    3. They embrace the goofiness of it completely.