I won a pokemon tournament with literally no experience

Published 2022-06-19
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aka dumb shiny hunter attempts competitive pokemon

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If you wanna see more perspectives of the tourney: (there are a lot lol)

RTGame https://youtu.be/9sPvWC8_JLo
WolfeyVGC https://youtu.be/qPL1R3lg07E
HopCat https://youtu.be/Hcbtp1wk12g
PointCrow: https://youtu.be/9dVw4-TwXPs
Captain Kidd https://youtu.be/kI9oxmL15fo
Pokémon Challenges https://youtu.be/jVr4OoLfcTU
Jaiden Animations https://youtu.be/rWT6eMdHXlk
Purplecliffe https://youtu.be/AvTaRwMlKdk

(I have very likely missed some vids so let me know if I have)

Esp. big thanks for Wolfe for letting me take part, was mad fun :D

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All Comments (21)
  • CandyEvie
    maybe I should just go back to wondertrading magnemites 😔 (on twitch)
  • RTGame
    Your son is having a wonderful time in college and battling God
  • HonuKane
    She’s the definition of quality over quantity
  • Me: Did you win the Tournament?
    CandieEvie: Yes
    Me: What did it cost?
    CandyEvie: My son
  • HopCat
    Was great to play you, my fellow sand team enjoyer. We don't talk about about trick room matches anyway...
    If you ever get that rare urge to make more friends hit me up! I'm always down for new collaboration ideas
  • Spirit
    I remember when twitch chat was scrambling to remind her to change her Goodra form right before her 1st battle 🤣
  • GlitchxCity
    I mean in my eyes, you won, and we take those
  • Pheonix Pidgey
    I wanna say that competitive pokemon in the lower tiers sounds SO FUN. Like hell yeah my lunatone jusg beat your jynx
  • If you asked me, I'd say your the real winner for being able to catch a shiny during this
  • UnovaKid 24
    Honestly, I always love using Pokemon in online battles that nobody would expect seeing. One of my favorite things to do is research a Pokemon and find some obscure way to use it, even if it's not that good in terms of competitive. Even if another Pokemon would be better for the role, I still use the one I want purely because I want to use it. This has led me to constantly use overall underwhelming Pokemon, and the satisfaction I get from actually winning is so awesome.
  • KremBotop9525
    So this is technically a "Luigi wins by doing nothing" situation huh(?) Glad you're back!
  • Mousa The 14
    I watched the Alpha, Jaiden, Pokemon Challenges, and Wolfe vids and was shocked to see you were in the lineup. I was looking forward to your animated perspective and was not disappointed.

    Sure, you didn't see trick room coming but really, who can? You had a solid concept and a fun plan!
  • StickMaster500
    Big Bertha is a force to be reckoned with when she arrives in Scarlet and Violet
  • Dwinters62
    According to Pokemon rules, beating the champion makes you the champion. So yeah. You won the tournament via a technicality.
  • Greninja Pro
    Moral of the story: let one of your friends kidnap your son so they can emotionally manipulate you in battle only for that to not work and take the W
  • Forever Zero
    10:40 She thought that shiny was a bad omen but for me that was the RNG god smiling at her.
    And good job Lucy, you gave your best and won... Yep, definitely won that tournament
  • Olli
    I love how RT gave the Bidoof three special attacks and then swords dance, which in PLA is fine but in normal Pokémon and Showdown that doesn’t work as he intended.
  • Casey Lee
    i can't believe lucy tripped and fell into the team style that got garchomp banned in singles, good on her!
  • Supxrkicks
    Ask Wolfe to teach you competitive Pokemon. He got Jaiden to a decent level.
  • Cam Koudo
    Interviewer: You won the tournament! What did it cost you?
    CandyEvie: My son.