When they say listening to classical music will help you focus #shorts

Published 2022-09-05

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  • @RobotAnimals
  • @OHCAM5
    Classical music is incredible once you start really listening to it.
  • @random.userXD
    not me singing the periodic table song in my head-
  • As a ballet dancer ,whenever I hear classical music literally anywhere, I cannot focus on whatever the hell I was doing and end up embarrassing myself πŸ’€
  • Listening to classical music while studying absolutely backfired for me while I was in school. I'd always end up daydreaming that I was a maiden in a regency romance or something.
    Before even I knew it, I found myself conducting a whole concert.
  • @charaxesdraws
    *also me making an entire circus in my head so one of their shows can be chaotic to the song-
  • For real, listening to classical music only makes me want to vibe. Whatever the genre may be. Even Lacrimosa.
  • @InEx808
    Classical music enthusiast back in the 1800': "This shit straight FIRE πŸ’€πŸ”₯πŸ’―"
  • Was told to listen to classical music to relax. Tchaikovsky over here had cannons in his shit.
  • This is straight facts yo, my math teacher in 6th grade use to put on classical for us during tests and my ass would vibing like hell... Needless to say I got in trouble
  • @justinlewis6813
    Ahh yes the classical music that can make anyone go crazy within 20 seconds
  • @bleeeep
    "Classical music is boring."

    The classical music:
  • @ZodiacSigns14
    And then there me who actually has to play that EXACT song in the concert :,)
  • @Random_StuffIdk
    This video describes what my brain does when ever I need to do something
  • @impracticalnuke
    What you don't understand is that most classical music absolutely bops.
  • @crowcreep
    Listening to classical music while painting is actually very relaxing and a great way to de stress, especially if it’s watercolors.