When they say listening to classical music will help you focus #shorts

Published 2022-09-05

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  • Hudson
    My teacher once played classical music for my class and Beethoven came on and we started jamming out instead of working at that moment my teacher leanred he couldn't win
  • Jason Dailey
    That classical music go hard man you'll be sitting there calm and cool next thing you know you feel like you've got to go ahead and just start marching down the street or something
  • Was told to listen to classical music to relax. Tchaikovsky over here had cannons in his shit.
  • Listening to classical music while studying absolutely backfired for me while I was in school. I'd always end up daydreaming that I was a maiden in a regency romance or something.
  • Oscar Geronimo
    Yep. Professional musician here. I've always been surprised and skeptic when casual listeners tell me they like classical music cause it helps them relax or helps them study.
    Dude, what? Most classical music is Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Mozart, and those dudes wrote so you don't stop paying attention. Only some works by them, specially Bach and Mozart, I'd say might be light enough for that, but these are not usually very known works (and casuals usually end up listening to the most know ones... because there are the ones that stayed in the memories and hearts of audiences... because they are memorable... because they call your attention).
    Music for aristocratic courts are good for that, as musicias that worked at courts filled the need to provide for entertainment for the events and gatherings of the court, so they balanced interest (for those paying attention) with lightness (for those chatting) and that is mostly galant and baroque, like some of Handel's music, C.P. Bach, Telemann, etc. Vivaldi don't fall into that, he wrote very gripping music as he wasn't dependent on court life.
  • ash light
    Me :
    *Remembering the scene of Tom&Jerry 🙈
  • Val Rose
    This is meeeee 😂😂😂 i would be conducting the orchestra too lol
  • Cole Nole
    Its alloy of emotion That song is up beat and happy and at the end its like trying to finish a assignment at 11:58 when it's due at 11:59
  • Me as a ballerina and listen Tchaikovsky to focus...
    Results: or suddenly I start to dance, or I remember lots and lots of choreographies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Kisses from Brazil. And sorry about my English ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Ray_drummer
    This is so true. I'd start drumming my desk if I started listening to music
  • red_noah
    I wonder how people killed other people with muskets
    “Hey, Tony”
    “F### you *shoots and hits leg”
    “Wait let me now reload”
    Ten minutes later:
    “Haha got you now still misses OH GOD DAMN IT ILL JUST STAB YOU”
  • This actually happened with me… my roommate when i was in uni, would play this because it “helped him focus”… I was in the other room like - how can u even focus on the assignments, the music is too good!
  • asdemona
    Cancan off offenbach a huge happy song. Impossible to be sad with this song.
  • Kiley Johnson
    When I listen to classical music my brain makes up a really old classical movie up in my brain so I get NOTHING done
  • Me listening to my playlist while studying and instead of studying I’m singing songs😂😂
  • Lux Bunny
    I was doing that exact same dance move in my head before he even started hahaha it must be in a movie or somn
  • Fluffy KL
    Actually this music really gives me hyper focus, idk why