Expert Tip: The Fastest Way to Stop Leash Pulling

Published 2024-05-05

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  • I'm so glad to see this video about training a dog to not pull, stop, or go off to whatever gets his/ her attention. I've been doing this with my dogs since I was 13. Almost 50 years ago. Consequently, my dogs heel properly. Some people have told me this is mean, that "jerking" the dog about is cruel. I think having a dog continually pulls, stops to sniff or go off to whatever grabs their attention is not only frustrating but can potentially lead to dangerous situations. Over the years I've offered to trained others this method when they tell me "my dog is impossible to train to a heel". Most of them are grateful to learn this. A few do reject it as " mean".That's not only their loss but the dog's loss too. I'll be forwarding this video some particular people and I hope they will pay heed. Thank you for your efforts to "train" us how to train our dogs. I'll be subscribing to your channel now that I've found it. It appears that your training philosophy is much like mine.
  • @DentsNow
    Definitely one of the best leash pulling videos on YT
  • For anyone reading this: I know that dog training can be difficult sometimes, but you're doing great. Keep up the good work, and your dog (and your own sanity) will thank you for it! ❤️💕
  • Nice Job, Bill Kohler would be Proud and so am I. Well Done. Cheers, Bruce and Alena ~🐾👍✔️
  • @watchmoivies123
    Thank you very much for getting back. He is perfect waiting at the door. He won’t even go out until I gear him up but the minute I do that is when he starts to pull so I will start in the garage as I walk toward the car I’ve been trading myself for a lot of years and I’ve never had one quite like him, I think I’m going to write a book about this Border Collie of mine someday thank you very much and I will do all these items because I have done it already but now I’m using the stimulation collar with a beeper and a vibrator which is number 100 and it doesn’t really work that well but it’s better than nothing
  • @Maestro-lf1mi
    Great video. What if the dog is extreme pulling (running almost in place) from the get go. How to calm the dog to begin with a loose leash. Thank you
  • @watchmoivies123
    This is perfect. I love it. There’s another trainer that does the exact same thing that I watch. I will say one thing if I take my dog to a place other than my yard, I get them out of the car and I go to a specific area where he can pee and poop if he needs to, but then we get into training mode And I will also say not all dogs get tired of the little correction yank. Some of them are really pigheaded and it takes a long long time for them to see that that is the wrong behavior and I think the guy that does the same thing is called Hamilton. He’s excellent also thanks for your video. I’m gonna subscribe to you.
  • @prettypinwheels
    Great video, thank you! I have a 3 month old puppy who runs away from other dogs, what would be a good way for me to teach him to stay by my side on a loose leash instead of running away and pulling on the leash? Thanks so much for the great content 🙂
  • Great tips. Will try this. Had to laugh at don’t talk to dog but you friend are a talker!! Cute too. New sub from Houston.
  • I tried telling people that get dragged down the street by their dogs. They usually don’t care or listen until I ask, is it ok if I show you how? They usually change their mind and say “yeah you can show me” and that’s people that care about their dogs ❤
  • @dollydolly3616
    Any tips on working with multiple puppies close in age (different breeds)
  • @maple8859
    Is a slip leash ok for a poodle? I’d rather have my mini pull me to the end of the earth than put a slip leash on him. So this with a harness, that’s training. Poodles are smart, they don’t need hurting to get it.
  • @FanOblues51
    No sniffing, pulling, or pottying. Why would the dog ever want to go on a walk?
  • @watchmoivies123
    Good morning again I feel so I’ve already commented on this YouTube but if this is the walking on a leash video, it does not work for my dog because he pulls right from the very beginning and when I turn around and I’ve done this method before he just bolts forward, and then I turn around and bolts the other way
  • I am in a power wheel chair. My chair does turn just not real quickly. What do you suggest?
  • @fairlind
    So you use “yes” and “good” interchangeably?