Apollo 17: The Last Men on the Moon (Space Documentary) | Real Stories

Published 2018-06-06

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  • This is the most incredible program I've ever watched... How this is not more recognized completely blows my mind...and its funny that the scientific aspects of the mission get dwarfed by the possibility of world peace that was in the minds of these incredible astronauts... I was eight weeks old when this mission happened, and all these years later,I can't believe that this program was scrapped after this mind-blowing mission...God bless those astronauts and everyone at NASA...had this program continued, I think it would be a much better world to live in today...
  • I was there as a 6 yr old w my family watching the launch live. It was late at night I remember mom waking me up to see the blast off. My first ever memory was Apollo 11 landing on the moon. Those were unique times for me. God bless these men and their families for they risked everything to make the impossible possible.
  • Cody Shell
    i get really sad when i think i'll NEVER be able to go to the moon. Face it, it's not gonna happen. But watching these videos and hearing the astronauts reactions and emotions in real time while they experienced it is the closest I'm going to get. It's an amazing thing to experience nearly half a century later
    SOOO reMARKABLY and impressive information and details I never knew! This was an absolutely mesmerizing 1hr of details rarely shared. Thank you for putting this together!
  • NavyF14D
    They landed on December 11, 1973, my 9th birthday. I still remember it like it was yesterday, my father took me out in the front yard and we both looked up at the moon knowing there were 2 men on it, still gives me chills. R.I.P. Commander Eugene Cernan
  • We're losing these guys too quickly. All of the Mercury 7 are gone, as are Neil Armstrong, the entire Apollo 12 crew, Jack Swigert, John Young, Gene Cernan, James Irwin, Ronald Evans, and Edgar Mitchell are all gone. Heroes, to a man.
  • Pam D
    I have always thought the worst thing this country has ever became apathetic about is our space exploration. We should never have abandoned the Apollo missions when they did, and what bigger boost to our technology would have come from more missions. The fact that NASA has limped along since then simply playing about in near Earth orbit has not really gotten us very far. If JFK was alive today he would be shaking his head sadly at the fact that we had not yet at least orbited Mars and Venus and that our space technology has not had the national support it needed to truly thrive.
  • Sundog7
    An excellent production! I learned a great deal from this program!
  • Paul Trussy
    I was 10 at the time of the first Moon landing. I could not have been born at a better time to enjoy and be inspired by the Apollo missions. Seems like yesterday.
  • M Savage
    My father who is a airline pilot James Savage, had met Neil Armstrong when he flew him to I think Florida, months before his death in surgery. He will never forget
  • Patrick Monks
    Outstanding! I remember the frustration of not being able to watch it on TV. I mean it was remarkable
  • Sid Kul
    I wish there would be published simple information, documents or books detailing all the test or experiments conducted in every space explorations. It would be great lessons learnt or discovery to the public learning what sciences or new sciences was discovered from each explorations. I think we have had great detailing of projects and humans morale, heroism and perseverance learning from all the explorations but that eventually bores the public. I also think that such new scientific discoveries and its benefits shared with society would back then keep the interest going. Lacking of those simply makes the public perceived the projects as just “Going to the moon and coming back”.
  • John McNulty
    So happy to watch this 50 years after the landing of Apollo 17 on December 11, 1972. But also a little bittersweet to think that no humans have left Earth's gravitational field in half a century at this point.
  • Nabichi
    Apollo 17 looked like a fun crew to work with! Much respect to them. And I hope we can go back soon to explore more.
  • Flying Birds
    Very intense!
    It showed each and every emotion to the depth
  • David A.
    Watch the movie "First Man"...Armstrong's first landing on the moon. The movie's music theme in this part of the film with Armstrong taking over the landing is just chilling and yet he did not fail. All the astronauts were heroic. Incredible courage and determination of all that contributed.
  • sqlb3rn segfavlt
    I was born in the 80s and I don't expect a manned Mars landing to happen in my lifetime. When I was growing up we were told we would be the generation to go to Mars. How disappointing life can be.
  • klyonsden
    It is so sad that so many of these original astronauts have died without seeing us return to the moon. As I child I watched Apollo with wonder. Now at 60, I am afraid I will not see the return. This truly saddens me.
  • It was a great film and very educational with wonderful value of an outstanding feats of all time. Hope we will be able to continue to do much more in the future of mankind with peace on our earth. Bill Hadgikosti