I Made Custom Hard Candy From Scratch

Published 2022-07-27
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A big thank you to Greg & the team at Lofty Pursuits for helping us out with this video; make sure to check out their YouTube channel here! youtube.com/c/LoftyPursuits

Over the past few (years, honestly), I've watched other people make custom hard candy from scratch - oddly satisfying pulling, stretching, rolling, and chopping - with adorably tiny results. So, after a lot of watching from the sidelines, I decided that I needed to try this out for myself - how hard could it actually be? So I ventured to Lofty Pursuits candy store in Tallahassee, FL where Greg & the team taught me how to sling candy - old school style. We made custom flavored drop candy in a press, and two different batches of image candy - one watermelon, and one tiny disgruntled alien. What do you guys think of our final candies?

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All Comments (21)
  • Safiya Nygaard
    HELLO FRIENDS!! a huge thank you to greg & the team at lofty pursuits for letting me invade their candy shop for a day! what do you guys think of our disgruntled little alien? what should we name him? if you're interested in receiving a bag of hims, make sure you enter our subscriber giveaway before aug 10!! if you were to make your own image candy - what design would you do? xoxo, saf
  • Kendall Hanzlik
    Safiya is basically Barbie with the amount of jobs she has mastered. an icon moment
  • niddg viiut
    Greg not being worried about the Alien design turning out because he’s still confident that it’ll be a yummy candy is so cute and such a refreshing perspective
  • gvd444
    “Pear-a-normal Activity!” Love this video so much! Great job making the candy, Safiya & awesome filming, Tyler!
  • Jen Luv
    As a marshmallow maker, this was SO fun to watch! Your alien is perfect in his imperfection. Well done, Safiya!
  • seiom jvony
    haha, Jake seemed to be enjoying himself. It's always nice when there's good chemistry with the hosting people. The people at Lofty Pursuits seem lovely.
  • 📎 izzy 📎
    i love the fact that everyone was so patient with her and didn't get mad when she did something wrong.

    you did amazing saf!

    -xoxo izzy <3
  • Jane Cohen
    My dad taught Safiya Nygaard how to make candy!? I'm in a Safiya Nygaard video!? It still doesn't feel real. It was so amazing getting to meet Safiya, and I'm glad she enjoyed it too.
    - Greg's daughter
  • Sarah W
    Interesting fact: here in the UK we call that image candy "Rock", and it is sold all over the UK, but is especially popular in coastal towns. You can get is cut up or in sticks (uncut) and I buy some every time I go on holiday to a coastal town to support local businesses.
  • i think the most epic candy would be a franken-candy using all of the different flavors mixed together 🥴🥴
  • Gess
    The little alien is cute! You can maybe name him Extra-Pear-Esterial?

    This was such a fun experience to watch and the staff at Lofty Pursuits seem super sweet 😊
  • Kenna Minakawa
    I loved how supportive jake was the whole time. Also I feel like Safiya is just completing side quests at this point 😂
  • Stacy Mejia
    I actually really love "Smirkin Merkin". Y'all should definitely name the candy that haha
  • Theflowerdude
    Some fun names for the last candy are “The extra’pear’restrial” and “Pear-anormal Activity” 👽🛸

    +Thx for all the positive comments :D
  • Tianna Groeneveld
    I'm very impressed that you could figure out as much as you did in a day! Everyone at Lofty Pursuits was super nice, this has become a bucket list place for a day of better travelling
  • Draconomicat
    I discovered Lofty Pursuits at the end of last year and fell in love instantly, I'm so jealous you actually got to make the hard candy!
  • Rhea Dennis
    Ok but like I'm actually in love with the little alien face lol 😂 he's got so much character now!
    I also have added the candy shop to my "places I'd like to go someday" list lol
  • Alenna Rucoba
    i find it so cute how in all of this type of videos, the people helping saf and all of the workers are super sweet and nice with her, i feel like her enthusiasm remembers them to a smoll child with a sugar rush TwT Its so cute
  • Sky dev
    IM SO HAPPY TO SEE LOFTY GET THIS ATTENTION!! I love watching his story time videos while he creates candy.
  • Nancy W
    haha, Jake seemed to be enjoying himself. It's always nice when there's good chemistry with the hosting people. The people at Lofty Pursuits seem lovely.