Apple iPhone 15 Event: Everything Revealed in 11 Minutes

Published 2023-09-12
At Apple's Wonderlust event, the company revealed all-new products, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. See all the products recapped in our 11-minute supercut.

Apple's 'Wonderlust' Event Highlights iPhone 15, USB-C, Apple Watch 9: Everything Apple Announced

0:00 Intro
0:08 Apple Watch Series 9
1:26 Apple Watch Double Tap
2:17 Apple Watch S9 SiP
2:55 Apple Watch Ultra 2
4:10 Apple Watch SE
4:26 Apple Watch Prices and Availability
4:43 iPhone 15
5:57 iPhone 15 USB-C
7:00 iPhone 15 Prices and Availability
7:13 iPhone 15 Pro Titanium
10:56 iPhone 15 Pro Prices and Availability

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All Comments (21)
  • @TimeBucks
    How did they made USB c sound innovative?
  • @FalconTheFries
    Damn! I love this brand new design! It absolutely looks the same as iPhone 14, which looks like iPhone 13 which in turn looks like iPhone 12
  • @ajsalvlk
    This is what happens when company has more managers and marketing than engineers and designers.
  • I think for the average user - the biggest difference is the USB C port. Plus, you get better battery life. For photography/videography nerds, it’ll be super fun to try out all the new features with rack focus portraits where you can select focus after the photo. A lot of my friends who have Pro models just want the best iPhone there is. They aren’t maxing out the photo/video capabilities- 48 MP on the iPhone 14 Pro will eat up your storage like nobody’s business.
  • @jcosme6616
    USB c being the biggest thing is so funny honestly 😂
  • @changein3d
    Glad to hear that this years iPhone is the best ever. I was worried that it could be worse than last years iPhone.
  • @itscelestial666
    if the EU didn't force Apple to change the charging ports, I wonder what would of been their highlight of the phone. I don't think the current features are that worthy lol
  • I love how every year they say this is the best iphone ever 😂
  • @dashman2062
    So we definitely reached peak smartphone- and honestly I think thats fine. Eg. Laptops also have small performance updates each year. I think this is an opportunity to put less resources into the iphone and more into new products
  • @mr-rocketman
    Thank you for your coverage of Apple's recent launch event. I currently own the iPhone 14 Pro, and the new iPhone 15 Pro/Max doesn't quite elicit that "wow" factor for me. Consequently, I've decided to stick with my current iPhone and won't be upgrading at this time.

    As for my Apple Watch Ultra 1, the updated version doesn't particularly impress me. While the double-tap feature may seem useful, it doesn't compel me to make the switch from version 1 to version 2 for just this minor enhancement.

    I had hoped to see the release of a new iPad mini, but unfortunately, that didn't materialize during the event.

    It's worth noting that Apple's stock has seen a decline of around 2%, suggesting that the market's reception of the product launch has been less than enthusiastic.
  • @jasonlee3508
    Absolutely most powerful, innovative launch. Looks nothing like the previous model 👍
  • @joshs3916
    Very nice. Have to checkout the 15 PM. I like the Ti. Obviously most of the hype gets cut out with the o sands amount of leaks that have always plagued iPhones right up until release. Maybe the 16 will make them bring something “bigger” to the table hardware wise, but we all know it’s an incremental game nowadays.
  • @joseh5105
    Shout out to Europe for fighting and winning over this greedy technological giant.
  • @LaurenLobel
    I’m looking forward to the iPhone 16. Hopefully then they can make a break through rather than making a “gaming tablet” their highlight of the year.
  • @mpvchap
    Im sure that these are great devices and will probably do some cool stuff, but I think this was the Apple event I was least excited about.
  • @Alma-Needs-You
    I laughed a little when he said "Apple introduces..... the Action Button".

    It's just a programmable button. Come on guys.
  • @someshjain1178
    If they skip saying "BEST" and "EVER" , they can cut the run time by half
  • @Mackcolak-xf5bk
    5:55 "USB-C has become a universally accepted standard for every device except the iPhone, and the iPhone is the last one to finally adopt it and only because EU forced us to do so. Otherwise, we would push our ancient port in each new model because we earn licensing fees on each of the charging cables and care for the user convenience with universal standards in the last place."